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  1. Completely agree, sooooooo may TV members have no idea or are unable to trust using the WWW to send money, I have been using the WWW for last 18 years for online transactions and so far not an issue. wake up People
  2. For me the serious stuff will start next winter, will the country be open to tourists WITHOUT quarantine? will it be tourists coming from certain countries that don’t need to quarantine? Will it be vaccinated tourists And then we could have a 3rd wave in Europe with new variants putting everyone back to square one. Next winter will be the real true test
  3. the Original movie was great, I watched it agian last week and had many laughs, The old guys in the barber shop were superb
  4. Living with cross currency rates can be a nightmare, but we have to accept it if we receive an income in 1 currency and then transfer to the other, I’ve been living with this for over 20 years, I use 3 main currencies, I have investments in 3 main currencies, however the USD is and always will be the central currency for the world. It goes up and goes down, we could right pages and pages of why the THB has been strong when it doesn’t make any sense when you look at the figures, but hey ho, lets ride the wave of life and enjoy the journey. We could look back and say, “I wish I had d
  5. Counry list is now 61, I got an message from golf Asian The prices seem to have stabilised https://www.golfquarantine.com/packages 2 courses are for group, and the other 4 are now priced from 110-120 for single loom golfer only https://www.golfasian.com/golf-news/southeast-asia-corona-virus-update-for-golfers/ Golf Quarantine Thailand currently only accepts golfers traveling from (not nationality) the following counties. The Department of Disease control will update this list every month: (update as of Feb 16, 2021) Angola Anti
  6. I used a range finder for about 8-10 years and I thought I was better, one day the battery went and I didn’t have a replacement battery, after 4-5 rounds WITHOUT using it, I released I was thinking more about the conditions rather than focusing on the number. So long story short I now play better WITHOUT a Range finder. I tell players who still use one and they look at me and I can tell they think I’m totally NUTS, if you’ve played the same course over 100 times you don’t need to know the distance you already know the course, for a new course perhaps one would help, so it migh
  7. TV companies MUST release specifications for connectivity For example, quote from Samsun One connect box 2019 model Q6FN ‘Q6FN, Q900R, also has a 100 Mbit wired connection, while 2.4 / 5 GHz wireless can achieve higher link speeds” LAN cable can transfer 10GB, but the port only handles 100mb is which is 0.1%, As you can see the LAN port is only 100mb whereas the WIFI is 2.4/ 5Ghz you are correct the cable can be more stable. but if the WIFI is 8 to 9 times faster then the choice can be confusing for buyers. I currently use a Fire Stick on WIFI 5G
  8. Thanks for the reply. i will contact my Nearest Embassy when I'm due to return, and I'll update ALL. I'm looking at May or June.
  9. My advice would be to contact WISE and request clarification about your question. There’s plenty of other 3rd party transfer companies out there
  10. I already have the retirement visa, due to expire Oct 2021, i left LOS January 10th i expect to return in june this year. so do you think i need the 400K/40K in/out-patient health-insurance, or only the COVID $100k Insurance.? I'm a UK passport holder
  11. would a NON Thai Insurance cover this, or does it have be a Thai insurance company ? I have a company Health insurance, but its issued outside of Thailand?
  12. Do you know that almost ALL 2020 TVS have a 100mb LAN connection, so the WIFI is actually faster then Ethernet. I know it sounds crazy, but for some reason TV manufactures’ have not updated the LAN port, its still on 2010 speeds the best option is to have a dedicated WIFI for your TV signal only, this will reduce LAG
  13. I use a firestick and I use the iViewHD+ on my TV, its not cheap but for LIVE and Catch up TV stupendously good But the most important part is you Internet connection, it must be stable, for iViewHD you DON’T need any vpn However its mostly UK TV watching TV on a Laptop or Tablet is NOT for me, Big TV is way more relaxing
  14. Do we have a list of websites to make a enquiry for the golf quarantine, so far I’ve only found one GolfAsian. Are the bookings completed by contacting the actual Golf course or through a Goverment ASQ website (which is same as hotels in the beginning
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