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  1. Surely you should be asking insurance companies, don’t ask that question on an Internet forum. we all have different circumstances, mine was 14kthb. But i have a separate company health insurance and I’m 50.
  2. I’m currently doing state quarantine. I’m married to a Thai, the combined cost will vary compared to other peoples choices for example level of quality in the hotel, COVID insurance and flights. is it worth it, for me YES.
  3. You can close the topic now, since I’ve arrived in Thailand and can stay until 29th September or if i renew my extension until 2021
  4. Thanks, I Got in today, I was surprised they didn’t question this duration of being out of the country, but hey ho quarantine begins now.
  5. I have an extension of stay based on marriage. It’s valid until September 29th however. I left Thailand on February 8th. I’ve calculated 180 days is today. will they let me enter tomorrow on the repatriation flight. and will they give me a 30 day stamp instead
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