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  1. The losers will be the 21 non-contributing members,no jam today,or tomorrow why the hell did we join?
  2. Maybe Writing into comments section in Guardian newspaper, comments will be automatically deleted if 5 or more (always ex mature adult whatever) decide it hurts their feelings or too close to the truth. Used to say"hands up ex mature students" or "please do not comment if ex mature adult whatever" always went quiet for 5 mins or so ,then guess what? deleted,but trick was to copy and paste before and after deletion They have nothing better to do but clam up boards like this or comments sections in various newspapers,they know they are doomed,even in worse state than arrival at 3rd way mature adult trotting palace lol Me? Ive done my time,got ahead early enough
  3. its the Irish,yes Irish (non)logic that applies, not only stupid ,but made a laughing stock of continually, listened to some good Irish jokes today? read them here lol
  4. November the First looking forward to it all,you must be too lol fake not fake who gives a toss only you and the Irish brigade are utterly and completely in the firing line Told you the English think the Irish are all stupid and events are proving right
  5. DUH how do you know anything? "not often you are right,but you are wrong again" sorta thing Never mind ,its all over,backstop worked a charm a charm thank you.. You need to get out of your thinking that Eire represents anything from now on,...serfs ,just serfdom lies ahead. Misbehave and GB will ruin Eire,no doubt about that
  6. ...but the rules are videoed ,by leading German politician (not Irish for Gods sake lol)
  7. Yes we all know see the video German politician spelling it out 3 pages or so back
  8. Probably Irish again....how do you know anything Yellowhammer is well versed stocks at maximum in UK warehouses just go get another Guinness sooth those nerves
  9. I read the opposite financial centres cannot compete ,operators have to speak English many do not want to learn whatever stays in London I'm (not) afraid
  10. What a war chest the UK has tho...German figures 150 billion lost, 8 billion contributions axed,plus others,now that will do nicely,keep UK going for quite a while, Are you looking forward to November the first too lol
  11. ..but if you can read"worst case scenario" "best case" opposite. Bit of Irish in your statements past too,seems all got bogged down in "worst case scenarios" Nah then... Bit like "Germany calling - Germany calling" sorta thing wot u say? lol William Joyce ,he got strung up for mis-information,but really you need to get over it ,or you yourself might get a length of rope Now didn't the backstop become your undoing? wot u say lol Eire completely under the thumb from now on UK its behave or two month ban on Eire exports Thing is all those irish travelling tinkers that blight the UK can now be pitchforked out of it,wot a blessing!! a complete blessing
  12. Yes a good and wise man. Got us (majority UK) just what we needed Thank You Cummings,like the second coming of Christ..and while about it,a bank holiday on 1 November to celebrate the UK's withdrawal Thanks to Boris,everything is sunshine Everybody happy
  13. Quite easy to remedy,Eire gets the full Monty from UK screaming banshees,blockade them in
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