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  1. send an online email here:- https://email.number10.gov.uk/
  2. Here is an ICBP campaign we could get behind on frozen pensions:- "Theresa May wants to set up an office for tackling social injustices. This letter from ICBP Chairman, John Duffy, suggests how we can all help: Dear ICBP Supporter, In a recent article in the Guardian newspaper Mrs. May indicated that she wished to leave a legacy by which she would be remembered and is proposing an Office for Tackling Injustices. As a result ICBP sent the e-mail below to the Prime Minister - Recently reported in the press, now confirmed by today's announcement, Mrs. May indicated she wished to leave a legacy by which she would be remembered and is proposing an Office for Tackling Injustices. In a letter to cabinet ministers signed by Penny Mordaunt, the Minister for Women and Equalities, she said the office would "hold government and wider society to account for achieving changes against key social injustices". A long outstanding key social injustice is the matter of Frozen Pensions. Perhaps Mrs May might recollect the statement she made in 2017 about supporting people who have saved for their retirement. Also Mrs May has always claimed that she is implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination. This being so, it is time to reverse the iniquitous government policy whereby many thousands are deprived of the pension for which they have paid equally with every other pensioner. I trust this issue will be included in the mandate of the Office for Tackling Injustices. This would be a good time for everyone to write to the Prime Minister politely demanding (rude correspondence is screened out) that the Office for Tackling Injustices investigates as an urgent priority the question of frozen pensions. You can write to the PM at https://email.number10.gov.uk/ but you are restricted to 1,000 characters so choose your words carefully (you will note that the above is exactly 1,000 characters so if you wish to copy and paste, please do so). The more e-mails the PM receives, the more probable the subject will be considered. John J Duffy - Chairman, ICBP"
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