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  1. The police in Vietnam made similar warnings at first, but haven't seen any evidence of them trying to enforce mask wearing on beaches. That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. More reason to stay away from popular beaches at least, until the state of emergency ends.
  2. I'm often able to talk my way out of a fine at those roadside checkpoints, but they're being replaced by those annoying fixed speed cameras that are actually pretty rare over in the USA. Sounds like Thailand is turning itself into Australia, with the way they're putting up speed cameras everywhere, but they fail to do anything about the real dangers on the roads, like people driving far too slow on an expressway, motorcyclists driving against the flow of traffic and drivers zig zagging in and out of traffic even if they're not exceeding the posted speed limit. This myopic insistence on cracking down on speedsters does very little to make roads safer. It's just revenue raising.
  3. That's news to me. The presence of several cameras on the stretch between Bang Pa-in and Nakorn Sawan has been well known for many years. Up until a few years ago, it was mainly limited to one or two mobile cameras but now there are at least 3-4 fixed ones in place. Also one mobile one in Ang Thong province; easy to avoid, you can bypass it by using local roads for 2-3km and then go back to the highway after the checkpoint. However, north of Nakorn Sawan I've never encountered issues. That's when I would ironically go faster despite being down to just 2 lanes in each direction (it's 3-4 before Nakorn Sawan). Sounds like they're putting in more speed cameras all over the place. Welcome to the nanny state.
  4. Any restrictions for entering Nakorn Phanom? It's one of the provinces that was banning non-resident foreigners from entering. Not sure about now though.
  5. Good point. No one will come if these restrictive measures aren't eased. I say just wait until the numbers go down globally, which isn't too far away and then you can re-open without restrictions.
  6. Big brother reporting has now been extended to Cambodia. The new reporting requirement (not really new, but newly enforced I should add) is in the form of an app similar to TM30 and is now a requirement to get visas extended. Conveniently rolled out now, although it has been talked about for over a year.
  7. That may change though. The Vietnam government has so far tolerated long stays on tourist visas but according to news that pre-dates corona, they intend to limit tourist visas to 1 month in the future and there is no retirement visa option. Therefore, don't make the mistake of assuming Vietnam is easy visa-wise as that could change at a moment's notice. I would always have a backup plan. As for the rest of your comment, I definitely agree. Vietnam is nice and cheaper than Thailand; always has been even on my first visit back in 2003.
  8. Well, for starters, the UK said it will review the quarantine after 3 weeks. I have no idea why they are only introducing it this late, but several countries have recently introduced, or are about to introduce a face mask requirement to use on public transport, while in others, where people have been wearing them for 2-3 months they're becoming more complacent now.
  9. Only if you're old. For everyone else, you only get 6 months now. There is also a new reporting system similar to TM30. Might not sound that bad, but don't make the mistake of thinking Cambodia won't change. It will.
  10. Cambodia isn't a good choice. Maybe try Vietnam. Still, I don't get your point. What makes you think Cambodia and Vietnam would allow you in but not Thailand?
  11. I didn't know the Chinese were already moving into Kampot. As for Sihanoukville, you're right, it's finished. I was also going to suggest Koh Kong, but that place probably won't remain off the radar too long either, especially since a major Chinese investment is currently taking shape along the Koh Kong coastline inside a national park. I recall seeing a very strange sight back in 2017 on my last trip there - a Chinese convenience store, with Chinese signs, but no English, Thai or Khmer, right next to the border crossing where the casino is located. This is probably a sign of things to come. I second remaining in Thailand, or considering Malaysia, Vietnam or even the Philippines.
  12. I agree - it's nice for about 8 months of the year but between December (sometimes November) and February, the weather is terrible and the beach can be full of trash, as I experienced on my last visit in December 2018.
  13. Danang has a very long beach, much longer than Nha Trang. Unfortunately, it gets pretty dirty during the rainy season and especially after a typhoon. Danang is also rather cool for a tropical city - winters remind me more of Sydney than SE Asia, with 20 degree Celcius (68 degree F) maximums and cloudy, dreary, drizzly weather for 2-3 months.
  14. I agree. BTW the 1-year Cambodian extension is currently ONLY available to retirees and working expats. All the deadbeats get 6-months only and then have to do a visa run.
  15. Not sure a lot of people will come with testing and other nuisance requirements. Either we get back to the normal requirements we enjoyed until March, or travel will never take off like it used to, again.
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