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  1. Essentially you are buying an option and betting prices will increase within the next 36 months? Prices go up 10% you are win. Prices stay flat or go down then you’ve overpaid and lost your 50% deposit and any other payments made. Sounds a lot simple to offer him 10% less.
  2. By differing accounts Trump has cried wolf 15,000-18,000 times during his presidency. By this time the press may reflexively assume everything he says is incorrect. Who could blame them? The record clearly shows he is a pathological liar bending truth to fit his own self serving version of reality. Unfortunately the press is so polarized in their opinions and views it is impossible for most to be objective anymore. I think Trump is P.T. Barnum incarnate. It is almost impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff in his remarks. The press pouncing on Trump about taking Hydroxycholoroquine is not worthy of credible journalism. I took the drug as does everyone in West Africa or any place malaria is present. It is a simple choice- take the drug or get malaria. That the press can malign a drug that has been around 65+ years is unconscionable. Sure if you take it indiscriminately it can cause damage. You can also die from taking too much Tylenol.
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