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  1. thanks! this is what I'm looking for! I will look to sign up for AIS or 3bb then.
  2. thanks for the detailed answers. I will be living in a highrise condo in downtown bangkok. Are there any recommendations or specific services to watch out for? for example, in the USA, if you have an option to use any other service besides Comcast, then do it, because Comcast has the worst customer service, unreliable internet and they charge $100/month for my connection. What's the consensus on everyone's favorite internet service that is most RELIABLE (no disruptions or outages)?
  3. I see many posts here about slow international speeds. So what's the concensus so far on which service provides the fastest international speed? AIS? TRUE? Or 3BB? Other? And what package?
  4. Reading this article was informative so I wanted to share. https://www.expatden.com/thailand/thai-marriage-visa/ I think I get the whole picture..is my understanding correct below? Situation: I received a Multi-Entry Non Immigrant - O, 1 year visa that expires Aug 15 2020 from the Thai Consulate in Los Angeles California. (This visa is based on marriage to my wife who is Thai.) When I first arrive in Thailand in a couple of weeks (Sept 25) I will fill out a TM6 arrival card. The imm officer at the airport will stamp my passport that let me stay for 90 days. All is good for 80 days. Then there are 2 paths PATH 1: Dec 24, I leave Thailand, and re-enter to get another 90 days. I do this every 90 days until Aug1 2020. At which time I will have to apply again for a Multi Entry Non -O visa (marriage) at say HCMC Thai Consulate. Then repeat the 90 days thing. There is nothing else I need to do? (Like a re-entry permit? TM30? ANYTHING else at all? PATH2: Instead of having to travel out of country every 90 days, I make sure that within 24 hours of my arrival to Thailand, that my landlord files a TM30. Then on Dec 1, I can extend the 90 days by another 60 days at local immigration office for 1900 Baht. At the end of the 60 days (Feb 1), What do I do? Fly out of the country or extend another 60 days at local Imm office? Before my Visa expires in Aug 15 2020 I can fly out to HCMC Thai consulate to do another 1 year ME Non-O Visa. Thanks for your help!
  5. Ugh I have so many damn questions and no official source of info. I'm flying into Bangkok from the US on a 1 year Non Imm O visa (my wife is Thai). (This is my first time visiting with a Visa.) I will be staying at my wife's cousin condo. Do I need to go to immigration office the next day after my arrival to file a TM 30? Or is it a TM 28 that I need to file? (That's ridiculous if true since I would have filed all that at the airport just hours before.)
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