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  1. I had about the same problem, in addition to an irritating eczema with folds of elbows, knees and fingers. The eczema healed when my wife took a 1-month vacation, simply by removing the softener perfume rinsing. Problem completely disappeared since then, but my laundry is a bit rough... Regarding shaving rash, as you have tried a thousand products that have proven ineffective or irritating. As said before, they decrease with razoirs mower but the appearance is not clear. Recently, I tried to clean the razor with boiling water between the passages. Same for the foam spray nozzle. After shave mixed with 50% medical alcohol. Without being totally healed, the improvement has been spectacular to the point that these rednesses persistent are no longer noticed by my relatives.
  2. At least he's funny. Note that Macron laughs well too.
  3. What you say is right. But I, non-British European, I do not want to stay in the wait pending the UK decision. The British do not share the ideals of a united Europe: Freedoms, shared prosperity, peace, the pooling of great works, peaceful relations with other blocs, and so on. Their only interest is financial and the change observed is only due to the fear of recession. Unfortunately, I believe, like others here, that uncertainty is worse than change for both sides. So in these conditions, it is best to leave without delay.
  4. No, no and no. The British voted 3 years ago. The choice was confirmed by the parliament. They must now take their responsibilities and exit the EU on November 1 next. And no deferment at the last moment this time, huh.
  5. I confirm that we come here as at the show. In my country no one is interested in Brexit.
  6. Not sure. the 39 b are considered sovereign debt. A default in payment would result in the blocking of UK accounts abroad and the inability to export its valuable financial services, as well as its other productions.
  7. Everywhere in Europe, we are laughing at the British arrogance, which still think to be a vital outlet for other countries. We come to these forums as for the show, to also observe how the braggart will try to validate the unjustifiable. But here, the blusters and pretensions of some poses a real mental health problem.
  8. Look again. Your passport number is under your date of birth on motorcycle and car licenses. If you do not see it, maybe the problem is you...
  9. He may be registered as usufructuary for life. As is my case.
  10. Easy demagoguery. Obviously, everyone laments the victims. But those diying on the road are largely drunk drivers of two wheels, without driving license. The license itself can be obtained without knowledge of basic safety rules. Priority rules, for example, are almost non-existent. And so the multiplication of prohibitions, controls and penalties is really putting the cart before the horse.
  11. You have not understood yet ? The EU does not want agreement. There is a war treasure to be recovered after the divorce. The EU is certain to have it and does not want to share.
  12. And you obviously one of those evil idiots who would want the ruin of your country against the majority opinion of a late informed population. https://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/if-there-was-a-referendum-tomorrow-with-the-option-of-accepting-the-governments-brexit-agreement-or-leaving-the-eu-without-a-deal-which-would-you-support-2-3/?removed
  13. I suggest to the honorable member to stay in Lille if he wants to live in an atmosphere of control and generalized tickets as in France. Thailand is still a country where life is good. It will stay so, if decision makers don't listen to the simplistic advice you provide.
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