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  1. When the military shoots and kills peaceful protesters, the two choices that remain are either armed struggle or resignation.
  2. In Pattaya, spend the evening in front of Chunky Monkey or Hungry Hyppo. You will see serious old guys, sad and lonely. Why stay alone in this country where access to women is so easy? Probably in the majority by incomes limited to their only subsistence, some try the cure of old wounds by the wantonness, others finally by bitter mysanthropy unable of the enpathy necessary to share the existence. Still, life as a couple is better under all circumstances, but like other conditions for a healthy and enjoyable life, it takes some talent to be successful.
  3. In Europe, the United Kingdom has more deaths per 100,000 inhabitants than comparable European countries despite strict containment. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1111779/coronavirus-death-rate-europe-by-country/ This sad record does not prevent the arrogant English from giving lessons to the whole world. Remember the fable of the hare and the tortoise friends, currently Europe vaccinates by the millions daily with products more suited to new variants and only the results at the end of the epidemic will allow to compare the management of this crisis.
  4. Wongamat is clean and civilian, but in my eyes a lifeless area. Jomtien is better for the proximity to the sea, the nice little bars and restaurants, the good accommodation and the gay district for amateurs. Pattaya is the opposite of wongamat, lively, happy, sexy, friendly, festive at low cost. Even currently under covid restrictions we live there pleasantly in joy and good humor. A definite choice for me after some years of boredom in Chiang Mai and Nakhon Sawan.
  5. Several remarks. - 1 HDD cloning on SSD billed at 800 ... very expensive for a job of a few minutes easily done by yourself. For the record I paid 400 before learning to do it myself. - 2 An M2 SSD box costs 200b on Lazada by searching a little. For an external connection of the old HDD or a classic SATA ssd a simple 100 b cable is enough - Finally, the SSD will accelerate the opening of files and especially the startup but it will have no efficiency on the internet speed. Server or wifi card problem to be checked by a more honest repairer.
  6. In my eyes this Navalny affair is suspicious and I will be unable to distinguish between reality and propaganda. Moreover, it is a procedure purely internal to Russia, without prejudice to the West and therefore without legitimacy to entail sanctions. Cold War which does not dare to say its name. The objective is to prevent the economic emergence of Russia, but the likely consequence will be to push it into the welcoming arms of China.
  7. In practice, excessive slowness is also dangerous, especially in Thailand with very disparate vehicles. The right speed is that of the majority users.
  8. For several years I use OPENOFFICE, simpler, efficient, scalable, open source and therefore free. Try for a while before spending the first baht in MS suites Effective online FAQs to familiarize you at the beginning.
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