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  1. Sending the infected people home would be the best way to generalize the pandemic in Thailand. On the other hand, the hundreds of closed or almost empty hotels could serve as a quarantine area at low cost with local staff to prevent or at least report exits.
  2. You must sing the Marseillaise in continental Breton, remove any royal reference, violently express your anger at the first income reduction, play football well, be content with the embassy letter to justify + 65,000/m and above all, above all, learn to smile at English sarcasm let them believe that they are really lucky to have been born on their island. Bangkok hospital Pattaya on June 30 for me.
  3. French Embassy, consular services: The French Embassy is setting up an unprecedented vaccination campaign. The French Embassy, which has been mobilized since the start of the pandemic, obtained, after long weeks of negotiations, the authorization of the Thai government to set up an unprecedented vaccination campaign throughout the country, in firstly, benefit the most vulnerable people in our community in Thailand. French nationals aged 55 and over can therefore register. Appointment made for June 30 at 2 p.m. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya ,single
  4. Without giving any advice, I prefer to share my own experience with you. In November, in view of the low rental prices, we decided to let the father-in-law run our farm in Nakhon Sawan and take some vacation to Pattaya. Happy initiative. From my point of view, life is infinitely more pleasant in this coastal town than on our land. Party atmosphere, pleasant neighbors, low prices on everything, activities 24/24 and above all, above all, the sea air creating an infinitely more pleasant temperate climate. Since then, I forgot country come back and concluded a long lease at
  5. No, I was not responding to your message precisely, but to everyone in general, including me. I find it laughable and a source of misinformation when Neophyte go into detail about a subject they don't know. The problem is that these empirical digression obscures the essential. Covid is dangerous. Without the vaccine, it would end up infecting us all and leading to the death of 2%. The unfortunate cases of side effects are tiny in comparison. In short, we all need to get vaccinated.
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