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  1. If a girl is 'insatiable' then by default you're not up to scratch !
  2. I was clearly exaggerating - but of the hundred or so times I have been there I wouldn't have the faintest idea of the conversation going on in front of me - especially as I can only see their backs and barely the top of the head of the IO if they got out of the way. Not important but sloppy embellishment
  3. Only you've completely twisted what you originally said.
  4. Bizarre - would you do this in your own country ? So picture the scene you're in a mall and you approach a girl and she tells you to do one (probably on the basis you're old, balding and overweight), but taking your advice move on and interrupt someone else and they rebuff you so onto a third who happens to stray in your path and hurries away having been harassed by a completely uninvited stranger - do you stop there ? Do you understand you are a sex pest and in most western countries would be charged !
  5. 'Walking ATM machine' ? That's probably at least an hourly visitor ? 'Her family are going to move in after you've bought the house' ? Quite a regular 'Rent not buy' - from the more diehard studs (60+) on here 'We're not wanted here' etc etc You learn so much on those bar stools
  6. How did you know the IO was giving the people in front of you a hard time when you have to stand 50 metres behind them ?
  7. Which would leave what ? I was given a days solitary for putting a laughing emoji next to a mod's genuinely funny comment. Its endemic mate !
  8. Never married, god botherer and allegedly boned Sue Barker - if that's not a wrong un I don't know what is !
  9. Spot on - there's actually a medical term for self-loathing people who NEED to project their negativity and unhappiness on other people but for the life of me can't remember it (apart from being a miserable <deleted> !!) This sums it up nicely The major problem is people think you can come to sunny Thailand where there (use to be) cheap beer, attractive girls and wall to wall sunshine and their problems will all go away. When they find their problems have followed them here, they then complain its all <deleted> like its Thailands fault !
  10. Good grief why ? why would anyone want to manipulate those figures ? To achieve what ? to gain what ? - go and google currency risk modelling, educate yourself. No-one needs to believe them, they won't give a rats <deleted> whether you believe them or not, they have no axe to grind with anyone, they make no profit by predicting doom - however they DO make money by providing accurate data to predominantly large conglomerates AND governments who make seriously large financial decisions. The dim witted will mention finger in the air/crystal ball type stuff predictably but this is largely accurate. Thousands of parameters go into this stuff, even down to percentages of negative global events and when governments make their budgets, where do you think they get their figures from when predicting future balances ?
  11. Is that Brexit deal or Brexit no deal ? If no deal - when Brexit is over the uncertainty will just be starting !
  12. Head in the sand stuff - you are correct there is no algorithm that can perfectly predict future values which is why they are called FORECASTS ! Secondly, the software that produces this stuff costs millions, look back at their track record and you will see they are stunningly accurate - when they predicted it would be 37 now last year the same 'no one can predict it' baloney came out. Where is it now ? What currency are you holding to buy sterling in the future then ? The pound is doomed for many many years - Brexit compounded by Bojo Johnson will see to that - the markets have already told you what they think of the self harm the UK is going through (in the millions of Brexit threads on here a brexiteer is yet to explain why its sinking - odd that) The £ will be roughly where these guys predict it will be or pretty close. Major conglomerates pay millions for this modelling in order to ascertain their borrowing requirements in future years and likely P&L. If it was wrong they wouldn't be able to sell it for vast sums. To ignore it is foolhardy.
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