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  1. 5 hours ago, Forethat said:

    No one voted for Theresa May. Have you even seen a UK ballot paper? If you have, you need to pay more attention as to what you're voting for.


    Again, no one ever voted, in a GE, for Theresa May as PM. 

    To use one of Laughing Gravys many clichés you're embarrassing yourself - the point to a half intellect would be pretty clear but unable to see past the end of your nose at the bigger picture you fail.


    If Boris wanted a clear mandate why not just call a general election on a no deal ticket ? - if he got in on that the remainers game would be up - but he won't because he would lose, so in his unelected non mandated position he can act like the child and force things through that the British public no longer want (I saw a survey today that even said 49% of LEAVERS do not want to leave with a no-deal.


    He's caught in Cummings headlights and now acting on the wishes of a three year old vote that is not applicable today on behalf of a rapidly diminishing rabble that should be forced to wear mittens in order to do themselves no harm.



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  2. 15 minutes ago, Laughing Gravy said:

    I was about to open the link and saw the independent, the most biased non independent online rag around. So what you are saying is that this is exactly like Ollie Robbins and Theresa May. mmm


    Is was okay for them two though wasn't it. Smacks of hypocrisy there.

    So now the independent, I thought it was the Guardian that was bias, or was it YouTube, oh hang on Reuters is as well right, and lets not forget YouGov, every industry related paper will be bias too as they're all against it, farmers weekly, bias, 99% of the worlds economists bias, wow it must be tiring knowing all these organisations are bias - I think you need to either a) up the paranoia prescription or b) accept that as the popular will is not to leave now, that these people are probably, talking sense. I'm not sure I haven't read a paper for years.


    Take a day off, grab a beer, take some of it in, you might get that light bulb moment and understand why you're in the minority....

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  3. 32 minutes ago, evadgib said:

    Before getting your 'far right' paintbrush too wet and slapping it about like Rolf ('Can-yer-tell-wot-it-is-yet?') Harris I suggest you apply safety catch, dress back to 300 & have a good think as to how many of the people you're about to tar and and feather are (happily) married in Thailand (hint-hint) & have dual national kids...

    Thank you for emphasising the irony I was addressing. Appreciate it. 


    (I made a fair few quid out of Rolf's limited edition stuff years back - was a nice little earner)

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  4. 16 hours ago, JamesBlond said:

    Immigrants and looney lefties by the look of it. But we've always known that's what the cultural divide is in Britain nowadays - bleeding-heart idealists and immigrant opportunists trying to take over the country by tantrum. It's called Cultural Marxism.

    and that's called utter <deleted>


    Try a post without using the word 'culture'  - we understand you want the UK to be a purely white island where people with a different skin colour to you would be banned - but move on, say something else, if you have anything else.

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  5. 14 hours ago, aright said:

    Your comment“I hope nobody will bring up the UK as a sample democracy anymore. It's utterly disgusting to see how they behave.”


    I reacted to this comment “ You seem to feel it is perfectly acceptable for Remainers to use every parliamentary  trick in the book to overturn the result of a democratically held referendum including the connivance of the Speaker  but similar action by the government, which is governed by the constitution, is utterly disgusting. “


    No review of the referendum is needed what you need to address is the question behind my post, why you feel Remainer tactics to subvert the will of the people is democratic and the PM’s suspension of Parliament is undemocratic and disgusting behavior? As a reminder. The Queen as a result I am sure of the advice given to her by her constitutional advisers has approved his request making it both constitutional and democratic.


    It was the will of the people (well 25% of them assuming you are talking about the UK population) in 2016, it is no longer the will of the people - what is democratic then about ramming something through via parliamentary thuggery that your 'people' no longer want ?


    It is not 'subversion' it is reflecting current opinion

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  6. 8 hours ago, JamesBlond said:

    Remainers need to calm down and, ideally, get a grip. Especially if they are unhappy.

    We know what happens when losers don't accept elections. The system grinds to a halt. There is no way forward. The country becomes a laughing stock. Everyone feels like sh*t. This is the worst possible situation. That's why losers must always accept defeat, in referendums, as in elections, as in cricket.


    Be British and accept the vote. We are leaving the EU. If you still don't accept it, then you are not being British and your opinion is thereby worthless.

    Becomes ? You don't think Brexit has resulted in the UK being a laughing stock ? Seriously ?

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  7. 10 hours ago, <deleted> dasterdly said:

    My main concern is that whilst this tactic should hopefully work well to stop remainer MPs from forcing yet another delay, and also ensure that the EU realises that they need to start genuinely negotiating - it may well also result in Boris bringing back the EU/May agreement with just a few alterations to the 'backstop' - which he will then claim as a 'triumph'.....


    The 'new' agreement would then most likely be accepted (with great relief....) by parliament, even if it still included paying 37bn with no trade agreement etc. etc. ☹️

    Brilliant - did you come up with that all by yourself given Johnson has already stated (along with Cummings) that the backstop is the ONLY issue they have an issue with !

  8. 11 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

    That's wonderful that the UK is reaching out.

    And who do you expect will give the UK any better deal then they had with the EU? The USA? China? Who?

    And I wonder which countries will bother at all trying to make a deal with the UK. They all can see how that worked with the EU. Years of work, a ready deal, but then no deal. A total waste of time.

    German food exporters to UK have already stated this week that if they suffer tariffs and hold ups at borders they will simply stop supplying - no problem cry the brexiteers South Africa/Galapagos/Marshall Islands etc etc will step in - only snag is their price will reflect that the UK is desperate. Inflation anyone ?

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  9. 11 hours ago, Joe Mcseismic said:

    Not to it's members it isn't and it's a huge market.

    Reaching out to the world? Yes, using WTO standards.

    How long do you think it will take to hammer out trade deals with 20 or 30 separate other countries? Do you think that those trade deals will be one-sided that will overwhelmingly favour the UK?

    Of course, at the same time these trade deals are being haggled over, people will be struggling with increased prices and job losses. Do you think that bargaining from a position of weakness will benefit the UK? How do you compare the bargaining strength of the UK alone compared to the EU?

    UK GDP $2.9trillion - EU GDP $17.2trillion (but the EU NEED us apparently) - I think we know who will have the bargaining strength !


    The entire planet knows the UK will be crawling over hot coals begging for deals - they don't hold a single card once they've left the richest trading bloc on planet earth ! 


    Would be funny if they hadn't shafted their children/grandchildren with their selfishness

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  10. 11 hours ago, teatree said:

    Oh the irony!

    It is the EU that is a protectionist club and the UK which is reaching out across the globe.

    Yet more utter glibness - break that down for us please


    Explain in what way the EU is 'protectionist' that has harmed the UK's interests and even more fascinating flesh out the UK reaching across the globe bit? With specifics to add credibililty please.


    We just need to confirm you're not just quoting clichés you've read somewhere else ….





  11. 48 minutes ago, JamesBlond said:

    Reading the stuff in this thread. It's jaw-dropping. It's never been as clear to me as this that there is actually a cohort of people out there, intentionally, cynically trying to destroy traditional British culture and replace it with some leftist, multicultural, PC, feminist, LGBTQ craptopia simply to keep themselves in their neurotic comfort zone. That's really what this is all about. The economic stuff is just a smokescreen.


    Expulsion would be too good for them - how about trying them for treason, for betraying the interests of their own nation on behalf of anti-British groups that are seeking to appropriate the country for their own ends. Yes, treason. The word is not too strong.


    Obviously Brexit is only going to be the first step to fix this.

    Is the pound plunge a 'smokescreen' ? Looks pretty real to me (that comes under economics)


    Can you provide an industry head that has stated Brexit in in the interests of the UK please ? Are all the job providers 'anti-british' Or is it just believed by people that have less than the faintest idea of the future barring a divine belief in hope. 


    I'm afraid you've let your hysteria get the better of you and it was toe curling stuff to witness

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