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  1. Thank you, that sounds good. I think I will then try to stay on my current visa and then apply for an extension of stay before the end of my visa period. If they dont accept that then I can still go for a visa run and get my Non-ED. In general, is a change of visa possible here? I saw the immigration form Tm.86 "Application for Change of Visa". So they just put on ED on my B visa?
  2. Yes, full time study at a university here. So even though my visa is currently Non-B I can apply the extension of stay for a different reason? Is there any official requirement by the government that students need the ED visa to study or does is just depend on the university itself? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello, I will start studying at a Thai university which requires me to get a Non-ED visa. Currently, I was doing an internship with a German company (employment based in Germany) and business trips to Bangkok and other SEA countries. I already have the Non-B visa with multiple Re-Entry which will be valid until 10th of February 2020, still the original visa, no extension of stay. My university, my workplace and the immigration center itself seem to give different answers of how I should proceed. I would like to stay in Bangkok for the change. My questions would be if it is possible to get an extension of stay based on that I will start studying now but still hold the Non-B visa? If I would have to get out of the country to apply for the Non-ED visa, can I get the visa in addition to my current Non-B visa? I hope you understand what I am looking for. My head is already fried from looking for answers online. Thank you!
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