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  1. Who wants to work illegally in Thailand, especially now, when even Thais are out of work?
  2. I wonder if Thailand will be the only country that forces people out during this pandemic.
  3. I just got my normal tourist visa extension in Chiang Mai, without an embassy letter.
  4. I'm starting to pack my bag for IDC. A pair of underwear, toilet paper, toothbrush. What else? A tube of KY? Just in case lol.
  5. They should have already realized that when Immigration started extending tourists visas with embassy letters.
  6. There is only once source - some police general eager to kick all farangs out. Same was before the July 31 extension.
  7. Basically this guy wants to say that he is so "fortunate" that the amnesty must happen after he already paid for the extension.
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