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  1. ""Education First described the “very low proficiency” ranking as those countries which can introduce oneself simply (name, age, country /regions of origin), understand simple signs and give basic directions to a foreign visitor." This seem a very high standard, far higher than most Thais can manage. "Hey You" is the best that most seem to aspire to.
  2. Note that what TAT is saying "not more than 10,000 this year" presumably mean in the rest of this year. Like Microsoft Help this is factually correct but absolutely useless. Now here is a new idea:- For many years Thailand has boasted about the number of road accidents. 'The most dangerous roads in the world.' Hinting, 'come to Thailand and hire a m/c and show how brave and skilful you are in surviving your holiday here. ( if you do not avoid an accident, you will make money for Thai hospitals.) So, why not let Covid run free in some areas and market this as '
  3. I have been a regular Vegemite/Marmite user in Thailand for years, and I have always kept the opened jar in kitchen cupboard, in non-aircon space, and I have never seen any mould or other deterioration. Out of habit, I keep the un-opened, reserve, jar in the fridge, but never seen any hint of mould. I once bought a jar of Marmite from village shop in Malaysia, (don't ask how it got there,) and it had 'gone off' in some way, tasting wrong and not smelling like I expected, s it is possible for these food to go off. You could have found a strain of mould that flourishes on Vegemite/ Marmite,
  4. According to all news sources, UK is planning to start mass Covid vaccination soon, possibly before end of the year. The whole population will not be done at once, as priorities have been set, and "Potential visitor to Thailand" is not a high priority yet. But it looks as if UK and probably many other countries are going to start mass vaccination by new year. Many people will still hope to have a holiday and might be planning (dreaming,) now. Dare I suggest that it could be an idea if TAT was to announce a policy for potential vaccinated visitors. Like being so bold as to say th
  5. TAT is still under the delusion that the world is full of rich people who are desperate to visit Thailand, and that they will do and pay anything to achieve this... As TAT thinks that Thailand is the centre of the world, they cannot conceive that any tourist would consider going anywhere except Thailand. So long as they cling to this deluded idea, nothing will change their policies Maybe in 1 year's time, when the actual tourist arrivals are still below their latest prediction of 681, they will begin to wonder if Thailand is still the world's favourite tourist destination, but they
  6. Reading all this has got me thinking. Where in Thailand can you buy 2 core +earth cable for domestic wiring. When my house (in Phayao) was built, I had to bring a drum of 2+ earth from UK as every electrical shop I asked at was "why you want 3 wires.? Only use 2 in Thailand." My experience of Thai electricians has been that earths wires are not considered to be important, more like a waste of money. All vry keen to sell me a 'safety cut' (ELCB) but cannot understand why an earth wire is needed. My observation of (overhead) wiring in my village is that we have 3 phases and a
  7. 681. Great! That is 23 per day. hardly enough to form a decent line at Swampy Immigration. How many of THAI's jets will be needed to transport all of these?
  8. "She claimed that everyone wants to learn about things like weaving bags and baskets and mats, fishing and painting on handicrafts and the like." I doubt if there is 1 Thai in 100 who knows how to do any of these crafts. Probably not 1 in 500 of Thais under 30. These are quaint, traditional crafts that no relevance to the famous 'Thailand 4.0' As long as Thailand is governed by idiots like this, who have lived their whole working lives in a secure job with guaranteed salary, this sort of stupidity will go on. Starts at the top: when has PM Gen Prayuth ever had to
  9. There is now much talk of vaccine being available in UK and other countries by the end of the year. Does anyone have any idea of how Thailand will react to this? For instance, a logical approach might be to allow in anyone who has been vaccinated, and has proof of this. No need for Quarantine or Covid test, just vaccine certificate. Is this too logical for Thailand to contemplate? Will this start a market for fake vaccine certificates? Will Thailand insist on only the Thai vaccine, that seems to have stalled (anyone surprised at this?) I can see the possibility of Thailand
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