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  1. I am confused by the wiring I get from the PEA supply. Looking at the poles in our village, it seems to be 3 wires, presumably the phases of a 3 phase supply, as each house a a supply wire to the meter coming from one of these wires. Also on the poles is an uninsulated wire, from which the other supply wire to each house is taken. A most poles, this wire is also run down the post to ground. I had assumed that this wire was the neutral of the 3 phase supply and not an earth. House wiring is one live wire, (1 phase from the supply) and the other wire which I thought should be the neutr
  2. Double talk! As I see it now, all the airports are open, just so long a al arrival have a CoE and undergo the 14 days quarantine. What would be news would be if Thailand is going to be open to visitors without restrictions. Not going to happen? Nothing more than a lot of confused old men trying to cope with something beyond them. Has there ever been a worse time to live in Thailand?
  3. Phuket Prison Camp? Every incentive not to come. Who thinks up these ideas? Could it be thee importer of these tracking devices? Nice profit selling them to Phuket immigration? Are they water=proof or will swimming be among the banned activities? Special feature will sound the remote alarm if the wearer is drinking alcohol or socialising with Thai Bar Girl.
  4. MG, historically makers of sports cars, building pick-up seems to me a bad joke. I have never seen on in Thailand and wonder why you want to be a pioneer owner. Consider the standard jap pick-ups. Toyota and Isuzu. Thousands on the roads, proven to take all he abuse that Thais can thro at them nd still go a Million KMs. Agent in every town and every Thai mechanic knows how to fix them. I bought a Toyota Vios and it is cheap rubbish for Thai market. I don't think that anyone at Toyota could have ever test driven one. Rubbish ventilation nd de-misting, and intolerable wind noi
  5. Do not only think of buying, thing if you have to sell. I do not think that the BKK property market is very liquid so it will take time to find a buyer with the cash. Then how would you get the cash out of Thailand.. What you buy in Thailand you might well have to leave in Thailand. At least renting, if Thailand takes a turn for the worse, you can just up and away. If you buy propery in your G/f's name you could be even worse off.
  6. When I was taking my Thai G/f to UK, I was clearly told by UK Embassy that a tourist (visitor) visa did NOT allow her to marry while in UK. W had to apply for a specific Marriage visa which required us o have a place to live in UK and me to have sufficient income to support us both. Proof of both of these was needed before visa was given.. This had a time limit of, I think, 3 months to get married once in UK. Once in UK and legally married it was no problem getting her an indefinite leave to stay, but she still needed a re-entry permit when she left UK. At that time, UK Emba
  7. Room scam has reached the end. Now looking for free flight back to their own country. bet that they have no money for flight out if they are deported. I hope they are no from UK so its not my embassy that has to buy them a ticket home. As a landlord in UK I feel sorry for their Thai landlord who has been taken for a ride. With tenants like this, any attempt to be reasonable is only taken as a sigh of weakness and gulibility
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