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  1. Simple question, not easy to answer it seems...
    Does a digital nomad (no thai company, no thai customers) need a work permit. NB work permit asks for thai company details.


    if the answer is yes, can they get a work permit?


    I tried asking thaiembassy.com and got this answer, which I thought was confusing. What is abroad - from who's perspective...?

    It seems to contradict itself - technically don't need a permit, but cannot work in Thailand...??


    Technically you do not need a Thai work permit as long as you are not dealing with Thai customers. You can still work abroad BUT not in Thailand. You do it on your computer in your home or hotel.

    As for the visa, you need to get a proper visa to stay here based on your purpose. That could be tourism. 

    Please know that there is no long term tourist visa. The maximum is 6 months. There is no long term visa for the reason that you just want to stay here. There is no long term visa for digital nomad. 


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