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  1. GinBoy is correct - some of it will depend on length of stay in UK and travel to other countries. But the US allows UK citizens come in on visa waiver because of the assumption they will return to the UK.... and that assumption extends to long term lawful residents of the UK.
  2. Or this one.... seems to be the one most are referring to in the the discussions on the issue.
  3. If one person asks they (Tricare) will likely refuse because it falls outside their normal operations ..... if 1000 or 10000 people contact Tricare with the same question - they will likely look into what is going on....and since their coverage meets the requirements - they will (ok, "might") start issuing the letter/certificate. Strength in numbers, squeaky wheel...
  4. For those on Tricare, I recommend you also contact them and explain the new requirements. If enough people, and there is probably a large pool of Tricare recipients in Thailand, if enough folks are contacting them, I believe they will respond with appropriate coverage certificate. This would be in addition to contacting ACS at the embassy for continued advocacy on the issue. Sorry for this awkward cut and paste - I added in what I think is the correct email at the end. https://www.tricare.mil/ContactUs/CallUs/OverseasResources Pacific Area; Guam, Japan, Korea, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India and Western Pacific remote countries. Singapore Call Center +65-6339-2676 1-877-678-1208 (toll-free from the U.S.) Sydney Call Center +61-2-9273-2710 1-877-678-1209 (toll-free from the U.S.) Commercial: +81-98-970-9155 DSN: 315-643-2036 Toll-Free: 1-888-777-8343 (if calling from the U.S.) dha.ncr.health-opns.mbx.dha-tao-pacific@mail.mil
  5. I know the feeling. Remember giving your time is as important as your money. I am US, so evaluate transparency using "Charity Navigator", however, not too much directly on Thailand there. But you can find some that support charities in Thailand - so that will help identify worthwhile causes in country, in addition to the ones mentioned by members here. I would also suggest giving where you will visit, so you can see the impact of your generosity. I donate to the Jesuits work up in Chiang Mai.
  6. This is probably obvious, but for the VA, the 10-10EZ instructions list ...Section V - Previous Calendar Year Gross Annual Income of Veteran, Spouse and Dependent Children.Report: •Gross annual income from employment, except for income from your farm, ranch, property or business. Include your wages, bonuses, tips, severance pay and other accrued benefits and your child's income information if it could have been used to pay your household expenses. •Net income from your farm, ranch, property, or business. •Other income amounts, including retirement and pension income, Social Security Retirement and Social Security Disability income, compensation benefits such as VA disability, unemployment, Workers and black lung, cash gifts, interest and dividends, including tax exempt earnings and distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) or annuities. If you are controlling the distributions from you IRAs and regular brokerage - and don't have employment income, it would seem to me you could make your under $47K target.
  7. Like others have suggested - I think the most likely culprit is the tap water. It seems you travel while in Thailand. Do you tend to repeat places you stay at? Same cities, hotels, etc? The water treatment and filtration systems vary by location and, if she can make it 'go away' after a LONG 30 days - and stay in Thailand after that .....it might be the water in a specific location that causes the inflammation.
  8. Glad you got it all sorted out. Did you have to get the new Drivers License, or did you find alternative 2nd ID?
  9. I believe the larger point was: Don't purchase insurance on the spot at the airport. If faced with the dilemma of a 30 day permission to stay or buying insurance while in immigration : take the 30 day stamp and sort it out. Also, I agree, I don't see how to purchase in such short order - unless these companies have "operators standing by...." 24/7 . If you can just 'apply', and get a year stamp while waiting for approval ..... that sounds like a loophole Thai Immigration will close quickly. " post excogitato"
  10. Yes, someone mentioned seeing 2 people do that. ...Which means they got what I frankly would regard as virtually worthless policies. Any policy you can buy on the spot has not been reviewed by underwriters. Thank you, that is what I was thinking, that any policy you could get instantly via your phone standing in secondary at the airport would be worthless...... if you could get it at all. But no first hand reports?
  11. Question for all: Have their been reports of anyone actually signing up/buying the insurance at the airport/port of entry? I have read of those given a choice of 30 day visa exempt entry or buy - but no one opting to buy. (Plus the original post being given the option then being stamped in for 12 months). So again, any reports of someone signing up/buying insurance at the airport?
  12. Actually in the US we don't lock them up, we just let them sleep in parks, live on the streets and fill up homeless shelters. Yes, his posts claim he is being watched 24-7, 365, by the CIA. Which is silly, it is the NSA which is tracking him and who put the chip in his brain.
  13. Yes, those plans are specifically designed for traveling - not staying long-term outside the US.
  14. Lots of complaints about Thai Consulates and Immigration not accepting foreign insurance coverage and specifically "TRICARE" for US military vets and dependents. But no actual reports of someone trying to use TRICARE to qualify for this insurance requirement, and no reports of TRICARE being asked to provide the certification letter - just speculation that it will not be accepted. Also, while requesting the US embassy to intervene on behalf of this issue is a good path - and it appears US State Dept is already doing so ..... might I suggest that if you have TRICARE coverage - you start contacting TRICARE directly to see if they will supply the required certification. When a company which provides insurance coverage in a country sees that there is a new requirement - they generally don't just abandon the business... their legal department jumps to work, and they satisfy the need.
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