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  1. How many people move over to retire in Switzerland or Norway etc etc? Comparing countries where people retire to vs countries people moves to to work in is ridiculous. And by the way you don't need a visa/ passport to enter Europe , millions of people from the middleEast entering europe every year. And there are many options to live long term in Western/northern Europe, only getting a job/study will solve that. It's not the first time a TVFM makes that comment, some of you thinks that only Thailand are for the married ones or the retired ones, one day they will go hard after you guys also unfortunately.. The abuse of tourist visa and Ed visa could be endedd with introduce similar visa as the retirement visa for those under 50, when you show you got money etc. as of now you will have to pay a big amount of money to be able to stay in Thailand for the elitevisa.
  2. Can I apply for the elitevisa ? I have one overstay (1 or 2 day) it was back in 2017. And let say you are in Thailand on tourist visa and you have only 3 weeks after extension, and you are waiting for the elite visa to be approved, will they give you an extra extension while waiting?
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