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  1. Nearly twelve hours a day of blistering tropical sun, water, and proper soil it will grow like a weed!
  2. Isn't drug dependence and alcoholism a violation for some visa types? Chance of a Thai doctor or ASQ Hospital signing off on a quarantine with nightly cocktails is zero.
  3. I have an old friend who is recovered alcho and career is staff/counseling at a "posh" rehab center in Utah. Rare but it can be extremely dangerous to go cold-turkey except under medical supervision. Most likely anxiety and sleep disturbance, what if body temp and blood pressure rise? The OP needs to taper off if he does not know how his body will react. Drinking in ASQ would be a violation of Conditions of Entry you sign for and I wouldn't be surprised if caught if the offending Farang is not taken back to the airport and sent home.
  4. Maybe just a translation issue? I have encountered thievery from auto mechanics never major incompetence. Even got parking tickets from when my car was joyridden while in shop for two weeks in the states. 1980s, went to traffic court the judge threw out the summons. Later found they bent the chassis. Animals.
  5. Long Pig a translation of a term formerly used in some Pacific islands for human flesh as food.
  6. Totally true. Great opportunity, Manage disease or zero tolerance, but large scale tourism is not possible with 14 day hotel quarantine. Up to you.
  7. Non-B for condo ownership? Never heard of the option. How long can you stay in Thailand per entry on this?
  8. Upon taking office President Biden will engage with the world and for good or bad re-assert the US leading role. Rejoining the World Health Organization, Paris, and beginning negotiations to get back into the Iran deal, etc. Trump is in a very dangerous position and is working all his options. He knows the final executive actions he takes will be undone and the one to cover his butt might be Biden. Yes, there is a chance Biden will be the one to pardon Trump for his many crimes. Covid is a factor even Israel doesn't want mass conflict right now. I would be very surprised if he takes
  9. I can afford to lose every satang invested. They never said I wouldn't be let in the country certainly not because of a virus. It started with visa exempts. I qualify for an O-A and can afford ASQ, and I would get another Elite if it would get me in faster but it wont. Thailand isn't hitting me in the bank-book really its covid-19!
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