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  1. Before I delve into Lazada, as I would like to squeeze before purchase are they not sold much in Thailand? Don't seem to be sold at any of the malls or major retailers in Chiang Mai . Baan and B, Home Pro, Central, nope.
  2. I don't think foreigners should be allowed to own a car for that very reason. Only a bicycle, for exercise not transportation. Walking to the bank should not be allowed they should have palanquins carried by 4 stout men.
  3. 1000 baht in Chiang Mai for an agent. Or go to the Consulate if one can get an appointment and pay more.
  4. The IATA travel pass apps will be available for roll out "within weeks" Though quarantine could be safely reduced Thailand has a very robust system appears to be working to keep covid-19 arrivals via flights down. Doubt entry requirements will change until next high season at a minimum. At least you can come to Thailand if you want many countries are effectively closed to visitors. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56165563
  5. Exercising 7 AM on an auspicious day, Maha Bucha, killed by a drunk.
  6. In US we have millions of Muslim, Mormon and other families Of course there is plural "marriage".
  7. Are bars opening at 12:00AM sat evening still a thing?
  8. Hmm, I the articles I have seen? That non-essential travel is illegal in the UK under threat of heavy fines, quarantine is required on return, also hill walkers publicly shamed by Police drone footage for walking their dogs in wide open spaces with total social distancing, etc. Guess it is all fake news and 6 million Britons will visit by Xmas!
  9. We can't return to international unrestricted mobility with covid-19 virus flying around. A third party app is necessary also to ensure you are who you say you are (personal details), your health information, your credit rating, criminal record, and visa information.
  10. You absolutely cannot be boarded and will need to reschedule. I had to. 2 times due to flight changes and new COE are required. One time due to mistake on COE.
  11. Any farangs here will have to vaccinate to extend as visa Maybe not in a medical exemption. Just get your jabs. There is hardly no downside.
  12. How is that? To be entrained by Thai Customs officials scenting Baht? The TEVAS at Airport Plaza are not fake, as far as I know.
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