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  1. 100 percent no Ai Farang will be allowed to stay in Thailand without and you can forget about 500 baht to your Thai nurse, they will gleefully dob you in. International travel will be impossible without it. So, yes I will take the "vaccine". What choice do I have but retreat to a shack in rural America for an early retirement spouting anti-vaxx conspiracy memes? Next get a transistor radio and a NRA magazine subscription..
  2. Seriously doubt he could find Thigh-Land on a globe. Trump is the least internationally traveled President in recent history. Other than golfing, visits to his second homes, and groveling before North Koreans, few want his visit anyway. He cant even pronounce Yosemite, a word any American child of 6 knows. So lets cut him some slack on this one.
  3. Do research you will find the "14" days is well outside the safety margin of observed cases basically double. What in Thailand has become 15 nights and 16 days in quarantine, until you paperwork comes back. Almost all cases are now brought in by repatriating Thais, because they do not require pre-arrival testing, and risks spreading it to others onboard. The whole system could be simplified getting better results keeping covid out with shorter quarantine or none in most cases using pre-arrival and arrival testing plus a good tracking app.
  4. The only country I knew of that did free insurance for visitors was Panama, no longer. So not Many countries as the OP quoted.Of course it is not for long term care but for immediate sickness and accidents for short term visitors. Thailand should mandate a 300 baht per day required fee for all short term visitors. Example 30 day visa exempt 3000 baht. 60 day tourist visa 6000 baht. Applied to tourist facility improvements, tourist police improvements and a emergency injury fund that should solve most problems with the various lowlifes who supposedly "skip out" on hospitals fleeing the Kingdom leaving large medical bills.
  5. The numbers are true. It would be impossible to hide the spike in 3 day funerals everywhere.
  6. Pilot can usually see the tug/tractor on 737 when it is in directly in front of the aircraft connected by the tow bar, unless it is one of the small super tug models that actually lift and carry the nose wheel. They get in so close you cant see. When pushback is complete the ground handler must confirm all ground equipment is clear before he advises the pilot it is safe to disconnect headset. The pilot then clears the handler to disconnect the headset. The marshaler (guy with wands) watches the operation from a forward position and again confirms all ground equipment is clear. Only then will he give the clear to taxi wand salute. The pilots confirm the clear to taxi signal was received from by the marshaller. Finally after taxi clearance id received both pilots must visually scan the area prior to movement. All ground movement after the clear to taxi signal is received is the sole responsibility of the pilot in command One or more of these common steps was not accomplished. If you deviate from standard operating procedures, expect problems.
  7. Any movement on the ground after disconnect from the tug/tractor is the sole responsibility of pilot in command. It is essential for both pilots to confirm the area is clear prior to taxi and there are several steps taken to ensure contact with ground equipment should not occur. The google translate sounds like the tug was run over by the aircraft. This is possible and I have seen it almost happen once from a distance.
  8. How can I unlock a 9 page pdf file so I can attach it to an email without giving the recipient the password?
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