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  1. Is the the bike standing up photo exactly how the accident scene was discovered or part of the investigation? I think it would be unlikely a motorbike could remain upright like that, I have personally witnessed an accident overseas where the hit and run culprit vehicle was brought back by the accident scene by police using a tow-truck. The accident vehicles were photographed together simply to demonstrate how the damages match up. The guilty driver rear ended another car so hard his radiator/other critical parts failed. The criminal only made it a few kilometers away before he
  2. None of that matters unless you have PR or citizenship just a temporary visitor who must observe dynamic goalposts to enter or, stay. Time to buck up and follow the rules nobody can say now they were not warned.
  3. Siddharta Gautama Where there is the attempted murder? I don't might light of it, a person can be killed by a simple fall. One Korean buddhist, I don't know if she was a nun or a layperson once told me "If you say something, somebody can die". "Before talk think, then think again" I didn't take seriously first but you will realize this is 100 percent true. The great law of cause and effect.
  4. A similar case agains him unresolved from 2018. If he is the fall guy for a high-so "Thai Psycho" how is it a mob of so-called pretties and their relatives came to assault him at Bang Khun Tian police station?
  5. How much? Plenty , over 20 plus years a staggering amount. It does not matter. Despite the articles about attracting wealthy foreigners and governments macro level desires most Thai don't want many westerners living here. This won't change change and thus anything short of PR is a temporary visitor who must meet the dynamic requirements to enter, or stay. Even PR were denied entry for a while due to the virus. Most expats in Thailand need a plan B regardless of yearly spend. For many I would be concerned mandatory but unmeetable health insurance requirements will be the last nail in the coffin
  6. The "basic speed law" as taught in proper driver training has been described in a previous post. One must not drive faster than required to reasonably stop in case of a sudden obstacle on the road. Taking into account visibility , weather conditions, vehicle status, and drivers ability. Only in perfect conditions then the posted speed limit. At least he did not do a runner hopefully dash cam or Benz data can prove he was not speeding and tested not impaired. Parking on a high speed road due mechanical failure or to pick up stray kittens is a very very hazardous maneuver and
  7. If not an offense even how you can justify a teen sleepover during a lockdown stage of pandemic boggles the mind. Are the students tested, are they vaccinated? And why mention the nationality of parents you socialized with. I have Japanese friends in Japan who have not had a meal with anyone outside their household in more than a year. The are follow all government suggestions even though no fear of arrest, not all do and why the pandemic continue there more than 10,000 dead.
  8. It depends on the area but riding a bicycle in the US is almost a revolutionary act. Where I stay now people come off a freeway enter a 4 lane one way road, drive 70+mph in a 35 mph zone for most of a mile until they slow down. There are few cues otherwise. They do do respect "zebra crossings" but still many pedestrians and cyclists get run down
  9. Couples home date night in Surat Thani. Get liquored up in separate rooms then rendevouz at backyard private jacuzzi at exactly 9pm, that will beat the virus!
  10. I thought drinking at home "more than two people " was announced as banned. So then, why were the home owners hauled off to the police station to be charged?
  11. Not another one. Some people really need the freedom to travel internationally revoked.
  12. Wear a mask, use hand sanitizers, scan QR code every time, avoid illegal drinks parties. How hard can it be?
  13. Interesting. More useful than I thought. I had no DL and I used my Global Entry card or Passport card to get back into a federal building to pick up a passport last year, don't remember for sure. Guards not at all friendly. I will try to use it on a domestic flight soon. By the way thanks to the pandemic "The federal Homeland Security Department has decided to again extend the deadline for people to get a Real ID-compliant driver's license. The Oct. 1 deadline this year is now pushed back until May 3, 2023." As personal identification[edit] Aside from being unable
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