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  1. I got the medical check for 0-A visa at Ram Chiangmai Hospital for 371 baht including a blood draw. Two clinics in the US declined another gave an estimate of over USD $1200. Nice to know I am free of the 3rd stage of Syphillis,
  2. Taiwan has banned all travelers for 14 days of being in China including HK and Macao.
  3. Why should humanity survive? Unless you believe in some science fiction where we populate the galaxy? How would that be possible when we can't even take care of the habitat we have now that humans are adopted for? Nuclear age is 75 years. We will destroy ourselves in war before climate change or epidemics. Earth will be fine. Our most dangerous poisons radioactive half-life is a fraction of geologic time. Maybe a another race of intelligent Apes will arise. Maybe Beavers next time.
  4. Right. No surprise as there is no commercial airport in Kyoto.
  5. Isn't there a Royal Thai Army Calvalry Division North of Town? Maybe artillery training?
  6. Premium economy is just a bigger seat. The meals are the same. Some of the US airlines offer free beer and wine again but good luck getting more than two or three. The witches of Newark will be too busy chatting in the galley stuffing their open maws with business class leftovers to serve you. There is no comparison between business Class and premium economy. Business class has lie flat seats with thick blankets, pillows completely different meals, larger entertainment screens with noise cancelling headsets, pre-departure lounge access and free flow premium alcohol.
  7. OP coming from Thailand has no worries there are no bans on US-TPE flights. Everyone on the plane will have masks on so get some if you can, and there will be temperatures checks at airports. When you get to the US you will be questioned by the CDC or public health doctors. Taiwan issued a total ban on mainlanders and I have been off for 10 days on vacay,. Hard to keep up with the emails but there were only 2 cases in Taiwan as of a few days ago. Non US citizens except family who have been to China can't travel to the US now. If you had been to Wuhan there would be quarantine. Planning for next week looking at trans pac bookings looks WIDE open. Truly a financial disaster for airlines.
  8. You should ask Thailand Elite. Maybe the application would be faster on the US passport. I had it for 5 years once you have the PE visa you will be escorted to the fast track lanes and hardly ever grilled about your activities in Thailand, The PE visa is just the main benefit of the program, if you want to work you can have them cancel the visa so you can get a B visa. I don't know if they will allow you to swap passports or why you need that? You can only enter Thailand on one passport at a time. I know Thai people who have US passports. If they want to they can enter Thailand on a US passport (no purpose I know) maybe if they want to be on the same passport as a family, then they would have to use the US passport to exit.
  9. In 2019 I spent 63 days total in Thailand over 5 trips, PE Visa from Thailand Elite. No visa exempts in over 5 years. Haven't been to Thailand since November. New US Passport in January with no Thai stamps, only a China crew visa and 1 Japanese visa exempt sticker. I want to stay 1 week in my condo and get a medical certificate in Chiang Mai for an o-a application, the next step.
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