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  1. Thanks Sheryl, great to have a guideline before going in. Really appreciate your advice, its so helpful to us expats here in Thailand . Thank you.
  2. Thanks yet again Sheryl, your help is so much appreciated. I have made an appointment to see Dr. Viroj, just in preparation have you an approximate of what the costs will be, in terms of the chemo cycles at Bumrungrad? Thanks again
  3. Thanks v much grantbkk thats very encouraging. May I ask how much the chemo was per dose? I see in Chula a single dose (of the latest type) is around 70k THB so am looking at the differences with somewhere like Bumrungrad. One thing I always fear here is the private hospitals like to keep you in almost perpetual care, or is that a myth?
  4. Thanks Lopburi, its good to know that it can be done if needed, I always worry about creating a loss of face here...
  5. Thank you very much Sheryl, its Prostate Cancer. I can pay private so if Chula is only good if no funds / no insurance then I can go elsewhere no matter the cost. I did start this journey with a Urologists at Bumrungrad (not Dr. Viroj) and whilst the hospital and staff were amazing, especially the diagnostics etc., I wasn't overly happy with the Doc. If you were to recommend Dr. Viroj can I swap doctors or does that create a problem for me? The treatment plan has already been laid out by the Oncologists back home in Europe where I was diagnosed, its just so that I can work and be with my family here in Thailand whilst getting treatment. The plan in a nutshell is Hormone Therapy once a month, Chemo for 6 cycles followed by some radio therapy. Anyway if you could recommend or advise I'd be very grateful, if Chula is ok then great as I have a friend there who is extremely happy. Thanks very much
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. Hi Sheryl, no I don't have insurance so am self pay. Have allowed for the very high cost I face but given the seriousness I just want to get the best treatment. Who would you recommend in terms of a doctor / hospital? I have a friend who has been treated at Chulabhorn Hospital for a late stage Cancer and she is extremely happy with the treatment there. Any comments on this hospital? Thanks very much to all.
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for advice on hospitals in Bangkok that would have a very good Oncology team, I am specifically looking for chemo and hormone treatment to be carried out here but would also like to hear peoples experiences with radiotherapy here in Thailand. In fact any advice on the level of Cancer treatment here in Bangkok. Greatly appreciate all the advice I can get. Thanks, Paddy
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