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  1. Thanks. I've been able to book a few "pay w/o card, free cancellation" on Agoda. I can kind of understand the frustration of the long-term expats on this forum, having to do this constantly and the new TM30 stuff must be a pain. I think I'll just take my chances with an exemption next time, and if denied then so be it, I'll go somewhere else.
  2. I'm planning to get a SETV in KL soon. So far I've gotten 3 exempt entries over the course of about a year (all extended, stays 40-60 days) - from what I've read here, obtaining the SETV should be ok. However the requirement for 60 days of pre-booked accommodation seems ridiculous. I'm only planning to book a hotel or airbnb for a couple of weeks in Bangkok at first, then decide where to go from there. I gather that KL is strict regarding documentation and pre-arranged hotel bookings are mandatory, but I can't imagine everyone does this, right... Are people booking refundable hotel stays or printing fake reservations? I don't really use hotels and tend to stick to airbnb - what sites offer full refunds for hotels.. ? It seems crazy to rely on expecting a 60 days refund every time if you're doing border runs regularly. Is there any place to get a 60 day SETV without the 60 days of accommodation??
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