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  1. Briggsy - thanks for very valid point. Yes, there is a risk, but IMO extremely low - towards zero. IME China immigration are looking to see if you can enter China legally - i.e. National or have correct valid visa. They deal with you one at a time, and I would accompany my daughter back through immigration - the only thing they can check would be date you 'legally' left China. On leaving China they do not mark where you are going to, unless it's to HK on a two way permit - hence why we would not fly through HK!! Mr Chinglish
  2. Hi - first post - but looking for help. Am married UK person living in China, with Chinese wife, and daughter who has dual nationality (Chinese / British). Dual Citizenship is not recognised in China - however, it is not illegal to hold 2 passports (well, frowned upon). We are looking to visit the UK (my wife has been before and still holds valid visit visa), however, my daughter has not been before, but has UK passport. Main issue: to exit China and travel direct to UK, the Chinese authorities would require either a UK visa in her Chinese passport, or if we were to use her UK passport (which we will not) an exit visa in her China passport. This would then flag up she has 2 passports, and her Chinese citizenship would have to be renounced - something that we cannot do as it would affect her schooling and Hukou. My wife could leave China showing a flight itinerary to Thailand, and they know that she would get a visa on arrival, and with flights booked a few days later to the UK this would not be a problem. Question - 1. if my daughter left China on her Chinese passport, but then on arrival produced to Immigration her UK passport - would this be an issue: 2. We would exit Thailand to the UK on her UK passport. 3. On the return journey, on arrival in Thailand (having departed UK on UK passport) she would land using her Chinese passport for visa on arrival 4. Departing Thailand to China - again would depart using her Chinese passport Would this be queried by Thai authorities? Look forward to learning more Thanks Mr Chinglish
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