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  1. Thank you kralledr. Takes a load off my mind. And, yes, will be careful about getting caught. We’ll be arriving at Nong Khai border around 6:30am so we shouldn’t see any men in brown. Wish us luck!
  2. Hello all. I’ve been searching this forum for a while but I can’t find the info I need. I hope someone can help. I have been an English teacher at my current school in Udon Thani for 2 years. Now, due to my school’s blunder - and my trusting nature - I am currently on overstay of my non-b visa extension, since August 1. My school has now prepared the papers for me to apply for a new Non-B Immi visa, and I have an appointment at the Vientiane Consulate tomorrow morning. I’ll be leaving Thailand through Nong Khai. I've done the visa run to Vientiane several times before, but not with the new appointment system. So, my questions are : 1). What time does the Nong Khai border crossing open in the morning? 6:00 ? 2). When I leave Thailand at the Nong Khai border crossing I will have to pay the overstay fine. Is there a special procedure I should follow to expedite this? And at what time do the officers start collecting the money? Do I have to wait until 8:00 ? 3). My girlfriend will accompany me. Will she be allowed to enter the consulate with me, or only those applying for visas can enter? Thank you in advance. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Cheers
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