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  1. As far as i know tickets and first accomodation should be enough.
  2. Consumer prices including rent in Cambodia is almost 20% lower than in Laos. If a had to pick one it would be Cambodia.
  3. Most digital nomads staying in Thailand have to make visa runs out of the country every 90 days. If that’s not really your thing you should consider the Hand to Hand Combat Education Visa in Chiang Mai.
  4. Good luck, bad that i can't help. Divorce is such a pain for children, i read they always think that it because of them.
  5. Left home at 16, when i left to college. But till 22 parents supported me with money.
  6. I was curious about what kind of chairs are better for the back and long-time work at computer. And I found out that chairs that looks like a saddle are the most ergonomic for our body. They look weird but they say it is comfortable to work on it. Now I am thinking about buying one like this. If somebody do it before me, please tell us how it feels.
  7. That is pretty heavy drone. Does this rule apply for little ones? Mine is less than a kilo.
  8. What's up! Nice to be here.
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