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  1. Hello everyone, I’ve been a regular lurker since I began dating an amazing guy from Thailand and wanted to be as knowledgeable/respectful of his customs & culture as possible. The forums have really helped me and I figured I should eventually introduce myself. Quick background, I met him here in the US and started off as friends but quickly became much more. Two years later, he’s the love of my life and we’re planning on getting married very soon. We’re both in our early 30s, both enjoy staying in good physical condition together, and although he’s kinda shy and soft spoken in public, he turns into a totally dominant beast in the bedroom, which I absolutely love! I’ve never dated an Asian guy before him, but a man’s race is pretty much irrelevant to me. He’s sexy as hell and I still get aroused just thinking about him. He’s financially independent and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. We’re planning an upcoming visit to Thailand to introduce me to his family, and I’m scared as hell! I’m not the most masculine guy and I’m afraid his family will think I’m not ‘man’ enough for him. Anyway, enough rambling. I just want to be able to respect his culture without fetishizing it, and I’ve really learned a lot on here. Although two years is still kinda new in my book, I love him so much and I’m looking forward to hopefully spending a lifetime together!
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