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  1. I will be leaving from Phuket, not Bangkok (should've mentioned it in the beginning)
  2. Hey everyone, I'm leaving to Thailand from Canada on January 12th, returning flight on February 12th - I will be landing in Thailand on January 13th, and I totally forgot that January has 31 days, instead of 30. So I will be overstaying my trip by a few hours, and I'm a bit concerned. My question is: Will I get it trouble for overstaying by a few hours? The rule is that I'm allowed to stay for 30 days in Thailand, but if you count from the day that I land, until the day that I leave (Jan 13th until Feb 12th at 3:25 AM) that's 31 days - even though it's only by 3 hours. Realistically, I will have to be at the airport on Feb 11th before midnight anyways to check in for returning flight. I could try and apply for a Visa, but I don't know if that's necessary for the amount of hours I'm overstaying by and just wanted to get an opinion on this! Please let me know, Thanks!
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