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  1. Bangkok based Everex can be a good alternative. Their Everex wallet app allows conversion of USD, EUR and cryptocurrencies to THB and back via free cardless ATM withdrawal or Thai bank account deposit. The service does not charge currency exchange, international transfer or cash withdrawal fees. Basically this is how their service works: Sign up and verify your identity. After verification, add THB to your wallet by depositing the equivalent amount in EUR or USD. If you are a crypto friendly person, you can use DAI (USD) or EVX tokens to move to a wallet and then receive cash from ATM in Thai Baht. Once the Everex team receives deposit, THB will appear in your Everex wallet within minutes. If you transferred EVX or DAI it will appear on your Everex balance automatically. To withdraw in THB, press Withdrawal function in the wallet and specify how you want to receive cash: via ATM or to Thai bank account. If you select Cardless ATM, note that there is 20,000 THB limit per transaction. Thai bank transfers have higher limits. No bank account or card is required for the ATM withdrawals. Nor you will pay any ATM fees. This service is available in any major city in Thailand, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and other popular destinations. Everex is partnered with KrungThai bank. Their ATM locations are pinned in this map. By using Everex's free ATM withdrawal service, you can exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies much faster (usually the same day), at better exchange rates, and pay no extra fees. Here are the links to Everex site and Everex wallet app.
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