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  1. No, sadly not, and she paid seperately for her insurance, that I pushed her to get (the company wouldn't cover me as I don't have a work permit)..
  2. Yes she is working in Bangkok. I fund myself with savings. We won't be able to leave Bangkok for over a year. I just picked up a nasty 2 day fever from (what I suspect) was a leech bite in Khao Yai National Park, and am recovering from a 20,000 baht hospital bill s:
  3. (I'm sure this must come up a lot) I am from the UK (32yo), now living full time in Thailand on a spouse visa with my wife. I can no longer get travel insurance as I spend over six months of the year in Thailand, and found it hard to find a company that would accept my situation... My wife has her own health insurance. Just signing in to thaivisa I can see hundreds of insurance ads, but would prefer to have personal opinions on the best cover? I just spent an expensive two days in a Bangkok hospital with a high fever which was a definite wake up call. Any suggestions etc. really appreciated. Joe
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