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  1. Data point would be that if they are showing leniency this year I won't need to bother getting the documents from my Bangkok Bank account in another province to show a full 12 months.
  2. Good point. That's the plan for next year. At 65,000/month I have a monthly surplus and it won't be long until it gets close enough 800K. I'll bump it up to 800K 3 months (to be on the safe side) before the next extension.
  3. Thanks, that's good news that it may be possible for me to get documents from a Bangkok account outside of my province at a local branch if needed. I'll check with Khon Kaen immigration to see if they got word to show some leniency this year and are willing to do so.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Definitely no communications mis-fire. The IO made a point of writing down and then counting off each of the months going back to September 2018. I do have 12 qualifying months, the reason I bring it up is this is a first-hand report and a heads-up to others using KK immigration to be prepared. But as I pointed out in the original post it was two months ago and subject to change. Are there any first-hand reports out of Khon Kaen immigration that they are showing leniency or lack of this year?
  5. I'm using the 65,000 baht method for my extension to stay. Khon Kaen immigration said I need two documents from the bank, one confirming international transfers the other current account status. The immigration officer said I need to show 12 months of international transfers, no leniency this year. That was as of two months ago so by now that may have changed or another IO may have a different view. For me this means the confirmation documents from two Bangkok Bank accounts in two different provinces to show 12 months x 65,000 baht international transfers. Even though my Khon Kaen account has monthly transfers going back to January I need the confirmations for the last three months of 2018 from the distant branch (still in Esahn) to satisfy the IO. My bank books together clearly show at least 65,000/month for 12 months with the FTT code. It's my understanding the document confirming international transfers is requested by me at the local branch and the request is sent off to bank HQ in Bangkok then I need to return in about seven days to receive the document. This would be a bit of a pain since it would require two three hour round trips driving to the other province. And I will be on a tight schedule to get it all done in time. On to my questions: Is it possible to Visit Bangkok Bank Silom with my bank books and get it all done there in one visit? or the preferred method: Is it possible to request documents for a Bangkok Bank in another province from my local Bangkok Bank? I'm currently out of the country so I can't visit the bank and check myself.
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