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  1. My wife says เว้นวรรค
  2. One mistake I'm infamous for is the occasional incorrect pronunciations of ด vs ต. I was in the local hardware store just a few days ago talking to one of the cuties that work there. She was asking me about a project I'm working on and I said ทำตอนนี่ไม่ได้เพราะว่าร้อนแดด "Can't do this now because the sunshine is hot" is what I wanted to say but I've had it pointed out to me that I often mispronounce แดด 'sunshine' as แตด 'clitoris' so when she looked a little confused I quickly pointed up toward the sky to indicate I can't work because of the hot sunshine not because of the hot clitoris.
  3. I wouldn't recommend people ignore tones but if they don't know or can't remember a correct tone they will often be understood by the context. A very simple example: A driver asks you "which way?" If you reply เลี้ยวทราย the driver will almost certainly turn left even though you just said "turn sand." But you're in a car with no sand in sight so left it is. เลี้ยวซ้าย is correct for turn left. I know my tones aren't perfect, I wish they were, but I get by just fine speaking only Thai where I live in the boonies.
  4. This is very true. An important point for people not to get to hung up on the tones early on. If you can string enough words together people will usually figure out what you're saying.
  5. I also used to believe that writing would be nearly impossible to learn because of the use of different consonants for the same sound. The vowels themselves are easy. To learn to write a word it's mandatory that you know the tone rules, knowing the tone rules helps you narrow down the correct consonants to use and any tone marks that may be required. After learning the tone rules it's now possible for me to write a word I'm not familiar with after hearing it spoken provided its spoken clearly enough to determine the tone. With a combination of luck and skill I can write it correctl
  6. I may not be understanding what you're trying to say but I've yet to see an Isaan person write using Lao script: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lao_script I agree with Ginboy2: "This why in Issan they simply transliterate Lao using Thai script into how they hear the words"
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