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  1. Only for the UK market. They are manufactured in several countries across the world. If Brexit goes ahead, don't be surprised if the Halifax factory ceases production.
  2. Absolutely, and as the EU made major concessions when negotiating the divorce bill, not only will the ICJ undobtedly find in the EU's favour but expect the divorce bill to be sustantially increased. It would be wise of the UK to settle out of court by agreeing to pay the original 39bn.
  3. I'm sure there'll be another one running soon, "Expat pensioners of the world unite, Remainer traitors have robbed us of our democracy." Will probably run until all the expat pensioners have died off.
  4. Trust me they behave a lot better if you give them the money at the end of the trip, not the beginning.
  5. There are always winners in life and losers in life. You and I are winners. kellersphuket not so much.
  6. A pretty expensive fee. I used to pay 14k baht for 2 weeks, and then at the end of the trip. She certainly saw him coming. I wonder if he saw her "coming"? 555
  7. Big mistake. Always pay at the end of the trip, not up front. She's played you like a good 'un. Lesson learned? Actually, she sounds like a feisty little thing, just my type. Is she still in Pattaya? Got her Line ID?
  8. Yes, of course but it may well be true, I honestly don't know.
  9. When visiting the bridge over the River Kwai I took a tour of the museum there. It was stated, in Thai and English, that 10 times as many Thais died in the construction of the Burma Railroad as all the allied troops combined. I don't know how true that is but that is what Thais are taught.
  10. All this is due to you subconciously thinking like an American. Americans are always right, the opinions of others is always subordinate to theirs. My father, who fought in WW2, refused to watch war movies made by Hollywood. Claimed that they were so far from the true facts, they should have been made by Disney. Really ironic for an American to be talking about arrogance and the distortion of history.
  11. I took my son to A&E in Bangkok Pattaya hospital with a badly cut lip. Was seen immediately, promptly stitched and was out of A&E in 45 minutes.
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