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  1. To be honest, if they are going to check these schools - then all other schools need to be checked too.
  2. Didn't we see plans a few months ago to totally revamp that area? This would be a good time as it would create many jobs...
  3. So, no doubt they had a village barbecue...and now some are busy making bags or shoes.
  4. Interesting stuff alcohol...I know people who - after a few drinks - ...always get loud (most) ...always get angry (quite a few) ...always get violent (only a couple) ...always get sleepy (many) ...always get argumentative (many) the different effects on people is quite entertaining really - even more so when they mix their drinks, like have a few beers and then some wine, or after enough beer or wine and go on to the shorts.
  5. Yes, I think the clue is in the title..."Hopefulls" - and some definitely look like they are packing 'tackle'.
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