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  1. Year after year, after year, after year...and nothing changes (except the number of dead and injured).  Many hundreds of people are going to lose loved ones (albeit after doing something stupid) but then there are the innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians that also suffer due to others' bad decision making.  Sad, but true.  Let's hope everyone we know has a safe and happy festive season.

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  2. One of the main problems over the years has been the fact that too many places hire unqualified staff.  Just because someone is a native speaker does not make him (or her) a teacher.  I have also often heard so called "English teachers" in places like coffee shops and some department stores...Oh my goodness, it is actually criminal what some are getting away with.  There are more than a few bad apples in this barrel.

  3. Some interesting comments on this topic...but based on the original issue (the food served) it is a very simple process to find out ahead of time what is going to be served (either online or to the airline directly).

    Personally, I would not use Thai unless absolutely necessary - the worst business class and airport lounges I have ever experienced - but we are spoiled for choice now.  Travelling economy...well, you get what you pay for - I never had any complaints when I used to do it.

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  4. Was chatting to a group of tourists in a pub a couple of weeks ago.  One of them asked, "So, are you on holiday?".  When I told them that I lived here, it was, "Wow! That must be awesome - living here."  A fair comment. So I asked them where they were from, and they said, "Kent".  To which I replied, "Wow! Kent - that must be awesome." Four confused faces staring at me.  Bangkok, love it or hate it - it's home... 

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