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  1. Every foreigner must be crazed to visit the most polluted city in the World shortening ones life.
  2. White men will tell you they are living in paradise. It is the town of choice for the mentally ill. After all who woukd choose to live in a sh%tehole that will make them prematurely die.
  3. Is it his wife or an unwanted lady boy who planted drugs on him? Those long legs look very masculine.
  4. This should be a Master lesson to all farang who say the farang is guilty, or the farang wasn't murdered, he killed himself, and for relatives to immediately get to the morgue to pull out their son to see if he's still breathing. The Chinese, nor Japanese never put up with these Tom and Jerry antics. Time for farang expats to snap out of the delusional fantasy of living in a squeaky clean paradise before one day they are bitten on the ass or in the morgue 555.
  5. I want to know if he was handcuffed behind his back when he shot the policeman, himself and his wife. If so the story would be believable going on the many decades past of causes of death 555. Thailand is the most gruesomely funny country in the World. It's league's ahead of any other country. Free entertainment. Who needs Hollywood 555
  6. The holes in this "episode" makes a B grade movie look like an Oscar winner. Thailand only 555 555
  7. Perhaps the Burmese tried to kill him 555. The guy looks too fit and healthy to have anything to do with drugs IMO. Did he <deleted> someone off? Revenge for making someone lose face? I forgot he's already guilty by Thai Visa trial by media 555 555 555
  8. That i believe was the plan and usually is the plan for those pesky farang who find it hard to die damaging the image of tourism by being an attempted murdered victim here 555. Oh i forgot he attempted to kill a policeman with a bb gun and then attempted to kill himself within a bb gun 555, farang bufallo believe anything 555. Why white man so stupid ? 555
  9. Stay tuned for for your daily dose of LOS Land of Satan 555, where farang bufallo expats believe all that is printed 555
  10. Ring the morgue and ask how many days he's been there, no doubt too long for an autopsy 555
  11. You obviously learnt nothing from the Thai culture course. They should have failed you instead of passing you. And you'd still have a job. They don't want neo colonialists here.
  12. Rail has been losing billions for decades due to the advent of aviation therefore obviously invest trillions in rail. The Chinese give Thailand the booby prize for which they must pay trillions. China, their good friend. Dumb and dumber.
  13. Better than the way the English inbred younger generation speak. Please be honest.
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