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  1. Agree, but Taiwan was the first country to ban flights from Wuhan. That happened already in January.
  2. There was only 1 country who reacted perfect to the situation a couple of month ago, that was Taiwan. The rest of the countries simply reacted too late and too slow. Fact !
  3. Agree, with hardly any new cases for a whole month it's safe to open all businesses within Thailand. It's the opening borders thing that is the tricky part...
  4. So he was thinking in her will she would leave the assets to him ??
  5. It will probably be in French.
  6. I was 6 year old in 1976 when I saw my uncle play against my dad in a table football tournament at my uncle's home.
  7. No effort was made to find a vaccine against SARS. What about Ebola? Nothing for years. And still with covid-19 they don't work together but against each other in a race to have the first vaccine against covid-19. That's the whole reason why it takes so long. They should put the 20 best scientists from around the globe in 1 lab and tell them you can't leave that lab until you have a vaccine.
  8. So now we got the Chernobyl cover-up, the coronavirus cover-up and the JFK cover-up. Everybody happy now?
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