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  1. I think some people talk about firearms like their experts but the reality is they wouldn't know the dangerous end from the safe end. And firearms training in Stralia is for some taught by your dad and if you get something wrong you get a stern warning not to do it again...but do it twice and you some serious verbal abuse!
  2. I think a lot of the gun transactions are from other criminals...but there must be a good number using stolen ID. And of course criminals steal guns...in robberies and such. When I was a kid...in Stralia, was not unusual to see guys with a rifle slung over their back bicycling out to hunt rabbits. Dad had a gun rack in the old (not then!) FJ ute with a .22 Brno almost permanently in place. Sometimes his .303. For crow control in lambing season he had a .222 Winchester Model 70. He would cycle out to the lambing paddock before sun-up with a hide...bit like the material used in a Ghillie s
  3. A veiled attempt at sarcasm surely. But in states or counties that have better gun laws and much better carry laws the amount of crime is lower than states or counties that have very strict gun laws. PS: Criminals seem to have no trouble getting guns. And no background checks
  4. I know the complete story. The cleaner knocked the crystal ball off it's perch it rolled across the floor and hit the wall and is now out of alignment. The cleaner fearing getting fired from her 300 baht a day job put it back on it's perch and said nothing. So all their predictions are out of kilter with reality. Zender the witch is not due to come in for the annual realignment ceremony till June next year. This gives the cleaner plenty of time to find another job as Zender the witch will know all...a bit like Prayuth!
  5. I always took the point of view "What's in it for the Thai people?" I mean the masses not just the well healed at the top. State Rail may be flawed as an organisation but they get you there even if it's slower. 220 baht from the Malaysian border to Bangkok. If somchai rode his Wave the same trip would cost 600 baht in benzine and take just as long! And the 64.000 baht question: Will it ever make a profit? As a passenger only service that will be a tough job! We can only hope that it will be safe for all that do travel on the trains.
  6. That is so true! My wife didn't put it this way (as I will) as they don't seem to have a devil in buddhism like christians do, but the fact is 'The devil is working his evil, so evil is at play at a high level'. She wants the evil gone and all the associated evil to be gone with it!
  7. Will be interesting to see where Thai is in the airline industry in a year. Selling Airfix or Revell models maybe?
  8. I don't think I would get away with want I want to say so all I will say is the youngsters protesting for true democracy deserve a happy and prosperous future in a Thailand different to what they have today.
  9. There is a few nutcases posting on TVF...not that I am implying anything by that just pointing out nutcases are everywhere.
  10. The ferry sank off the coast of Taiwan a few days ago when in transit from Japan with a Thai crew on board. The Taiwan Coast Guard rescued some of the crew. So any trials to test the service will be delayed.
  11. Mate steady up on those of us who enjoy riding 1800cc V twins. Kick starting not necessary when you have an electric leg and 12V battery. Don't know about pulling stumps, pulling little cuties.... I always thought it was my good looks....but..... Phallic problem? I thought that was restricted to the past with all the medical help available today!
  12. With water level at 99% out of a 100% can be considered not full. But your right the weather department has a long way to go to match the quality of weather departments in other countries. Sticking your head out the window before making a report is 18th century stuff! And more weather recording stations would be handy.
  13. I was just trying to explain how the Thai's around here feel. My point of view may differ from that of my wife or the neighbours but it's not something I discuss these days. Several years ago I did enter a discussion and it became apparent some discussions are best not had for my own peace and tranquility!
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