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  1. It's hard to get an assault rifle In Thailand. Crikey, around here I would have to walk 2 houses down to borrow one. And the cost of ammo is....ridiculous in the extreme!
  2. If it comes out of TAT I truly believe that it is a number derived from the ramblings of the fortune teller they keep I'm the basement. From Kasikorn different fortune teller different basement. Some things are predictable, the sun will rise in the East, Thai people with bad teeth will not pay to go to dentist for necessary work, more corporations will transfer production (jobs) to more friendly countries. As for the economy.....I can arrange a meeting with the Snake Princess on short notice.....but there is a fee for her services!
  3. While I am opposed to the consumption of Western style fast food and processed nibbles I do from time to time indulge in said fast foods from time to time. But not MacDonalds or KFC, more Spiro and Cons fine take away. Their real, but I haven't seen them for 4 years. The problem in Melbourne Australia is all the Spiro & Con take away places are being sold to Chinese interests...who don't seem to have the same knowledge as the Greeks in the fine art of take away. Luckily on my return to my ancesteral home, Cairns, I can indulge In a hamburger with the lot that comes close to the endering taste of a Spiro made one with the lot....20 cents extra for pineapple ring. Ah the old days!
  4. Haven't you figuRed out how to start your own orgy yet so you want butt in to other peoples! They probably won't mind Richard...as long as you get involved.
  5. With my first wife I often thought of dispatching her to be with her forebears....but I didn't....I divorced her instead which prolonged my misery another 16 years till the youngest turned 18. I guess jealousy for some is like a Jerry can of petrol to a pyromaniac with a box of matches.
  6. All a bit over the top for me! They gave us the BS the other day in Makro. I said to the missus "<deleted> that", we here to shop not play games. But she got into it....and I had finished the bread section, fruit and vege section, the seafood section and was in the eggs and meats section when we caught up.. ..thank god as I have so Much trouble getting those meat bags open!
  7. I have some sympathy for the plight of the under 20's not to tall...with reasonable size breasts and attractive looks working girls who are suffering hard times. The only thing being hard is the times which brings with it some misery. Would love to take in a few of the girls to help them out. I am afterall a saintly character of sorts.
  8. After getting a diagnosis from the absolute hottest doctor ever at PhiChit a couple of months back. She doesn't rate a second look....
  9. I added Pink salt to get a more bacon like colour. One teaspoon Pink Salt, one tablespoon of regular salt and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar for 1kg. Rub all over the meat, put in zip lock bag. Put in fridge for 7 days, turn over daily. Day 8 pull out of bag and wash off. Dry with paper towel. Stick in the BBQ and cook for 1.5 to 2.O hours. I been using a bit of fresh cut Tamarind wood to generate some smoke over some charcoal for heat. 2.O hours is tops for my little charcoal burner. Have fun with it!
  10. Crikey, you nearly bought a tear to my eye thinking of my youth! In a rack near the back door there was a Winchester short .22 auto, a Brno .22 bolt action, 2 x 12 gauge doubles and 2 x .303 Sporters converted from SMLE's...plus locked away in a safe place a SMLE used for competition. The old man had a collection of spoons and medals from far and wide for his shooting prowess which shared mums fine china display cupboard. The simple life is no more.
  11. it's a piddling amount when one considers the loss of income this year. In my wifes case about 100.000 baht was lost.
  12. Chilli flakes! There is no way I could eat that! Anything more than a mild curry is verboten to me.
  13. As hilarious as that maybe it does impune norfolkandchance's food preparation skills. It maybe one of life's little joys to have one of his sausages in ones mouth.
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