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  1. We already tap into the town water supply in the dry season! I've taken the airbus out to water the trees with town water every year. Despite having our dam deepened by 2 metres we cannot get enough ground water in the dam to irrigate 5 times. And there is no extra ground to make it bigger! So we have to use the town water to the tune of 35k litres/year or more when you bring in spraying chemi. And I would imagine that this is happening all over our district...except over at Wang Qung has an ag coop dam which is huge!
  2. I am not seeing it....the need for the exravagent purchase of some military equipment that is to be bought into service in the coming years. The purchase of a submarine....one, three or 5 just doesn't make sense. The purchase of another landing ship.....why? More tanks...... I think other posters on this thread have got it. It's an ego trip at the expense of the peasant class and down trodden. Just one submarine and it's associated running costs could pay for several new dental hospitals (badly needed) and their running costs. And that budgeted 518 billion baht at the discression of the PM and govt ministers is nothing more than a cash cow to be milked for all its worth. Not that I am pointing the finger at anyone in particular.....
  3. I hate to state the obvious but from the riding patterns of many Thai motorcyclist I think many are blind in both eyes. Maybe because of it they never went to the dept of LT to get rejected!
  4. I like President Trump. He iS a doer....a mover and shaker, he gets things done. So different to the evil scum on the other side. Looking forward to his second term in office with the Republicans back in charge of the house.
  5. If there is no foreseeable way to avoid paying the damages find another matter, no matter how slim the argument maybe, to take to a different court. So that would be the Thai way, not the elevated road/rail way....
  6. 555! TAT and their crystal balling. Always good for a laugh! When it comes down to it I would prefer Chinese tourists any day of the week....well except for the ones that talk at high volume, spit all over the place and push into ques....hey how about those Indian's ay. We could do with a few more....right???
  7. Phitsanulok province post codes start with 65......I think someone not know we're he live! Or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Lack of firearms training I am afraid. The police have to buy there own ammo so many are reluctant to do regular training. Only a year or so back a video was taken of a Pattaya cop unloading his magazine in an attempt to blow out the tyres on a car. This was on Beach Rd outside Soi 9 police station with a lot of bystanders around. In this latest case of cowboy cops, Sadly, the young boy will never get to experience life.
  9. Around here a lot of people are mulching under the mango trees with sugar cane waste which is seasonal to some degree and not always available. I am wondering if Ku Din is worth using. We need to apply it before Xmas as we irrigate from then till March and need a good mulch cover to help keep the moisture in the soil as long as possible.
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