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  1. I've had limited success here in Noen Maprang district of Phitsanulok province. The cherry tomatoes seem to like the climate more than the Grosse Lise....which are from Australia seeds I brought in myself. But still not getting the big bunch of cherry tomatoes, 5 to 7 is about it.
  2. When I lived in Pattaya the number of old guys walking around with their shirts unbuttoned or not wearing a shirt at all was gruelling to see. Disgusting to say the least. Have they no pride? Would they act this way in their own country? Maybe, as well as the BIB and immigration we need fashion police to enforce some basic dress code. And while they are at it have a word with some of the guys wearing socks with their sandals!
  3. They are all illegally in the USA so they need to go to their home countries and apply to re-enter the USA like the millions of other people who have had to wait years and fill out all the paperwork. Of course if the democrats decided to put the USMCA up for a vote and pass it I am sure POTUS could work with the democrats on sorting out the DACA problem. Isn't politics all about: You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours......
  4. It's been said I am a sceptic as well as a right leaning relic from a bygone era.....not that I give a rats arz! But after several decades of watching the rise and fall and rise again of countries and currencies I have come to the conclusion we the great unwashed masses are rarely, if never, placed to take advantage of the sea of money that is there to be made. It's a rigged game plain and simple. This is what is happening in Thailand now. I have several hundred thousand baht in the bank which I would like to use but having to leave 400.000 baht for visa, 200.000 baht for a medical emergency.....treatment in a government hospital......plus 160k in blue book and cash. Foiled again by the looks of it. Oh For a few extra million!
  5. I am interested to know too! My only experience with transferring large sums is into Thailand where they become small sums of money all to quickly! That was my first 4 years in Pattaya......transfers are far less frequent now.
  6. What I cannot understand with some posters here is the "Get whitty attitude". So their overstayers, woopy do. Explain how this has effected you personally? They know the risks of overstaying. Whatever their reason for doing it I don't know but at a guess I would say part of the problem is how difficult it is to get permanent residency status. I know it frustrates the h@11 out of me! I have my own means of support, am married to a Thai girl and still it's probably easier for me to fly to the moon than achieve PR status.
  7. From a farming point of view exactly what the rules will be for growers is the 64000 baht question. My guess is there will be a permit system in place and those with a permit will be closely monitored. A permit will specify how much can be grown and who it can be sold to. Another guess is the field will be monitored 24/7 with live feed CCTV which will be paid for by the grower.
  8. Thank goodness she had the sense to take suitcases full of cash with her on the Euro trips when she had PM privilege otherwise she would have had to take a ordinary old style rickshaw on her China trip.
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