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  1. Yes, exactly I was also wondering why are they doing this? I really don't see any good coming out of this re-enactments. May be in certain cases where they had to get the exact situation right to confirm something.
  2. I never heard dogs in Thailand bite Korean or Chinese. Why? Dogs know they will end up in the cooking pot if they do. If you watch documentary films of dogs being transport to the slaughter house you will see those dogs all look very depressed and they don't even bark at all. They seem to know they going to die. You will see in the film(youtube) the man stick a spear into the dog chest and all the other dogs are watching him killed. Unspeakable cruelty in countries that claim to have 5,000 years of civilization. (both Korea and China) of course Vietnam also eat lots of dogs.
  3. Thailand as the way Thailand is will misuse this weed. Home grown and under control ? Ha, ha, ha, I like this joke, it's nice joke I must say. Since when have you seen anything under control in Thailand? Once legalized all hell broke loose. Don't take my word just sit tight and watch. Young kids walking around town with a few joints in their pockets. Is legal isn't it? Thais don't understand legal system and they don't care either. Did I say something wrong? Look at the traffic for a start。Do they look like they understand laws or do they look like they care?
  4. Why do some people keep harping on this Pattaya as if it is some big deal? Pattaya is nothing ok? I restrain myself from criticizing because of TV forum rules.
  5. Small people will pick small problem and show they can do something. This will become a big issue for small people found all over Thailand. Brains the size of golf balls.
  6. In Malaysia you will be bored stiff , stiff like a rod. That's a joke, not really. It depends on your age, your personality and character to fit in the Malaysian society. If you are not married and you like to visit bars and chat up ladies of the bars then it would be a problem for you in Langkawi. But say if you are single and lucky to meet Malaysian lady (educated ones) then you probably have a pleasant trip in this life. Malaysian ladies who are educated speak good english (I mean graduated ones). They will help you to save money not spend your money. I mean most Malaysian ladies do that not all of course. An Irish bloke in Penang married an educated chinese lady and she taught him to speak a chinese dialect (called Hokkien) This Irish bloke is really good he learned the dialect even wrote the first Hokkien-English dictionary. Life is changing all the time, small little changes that you don't notice and you are really a number. When your number is up, that's it.
  7. Japan could follow some European countries and if they do it means Japan no longer so competitive in the world market. Life style has to change. But it will be good for Japan. In Japan many things could be done because the Japanese follow the laws to the letter and they work together once they see the benefits of doing so. Many other countries cannot even do that.
  8. Poor lady apparently she could not turn down the wedding when she changed her mind about marrying.. So she did the disappearing act. It is not uncommon for people to just disappear in thin air and never seen again in Thailand or in many other countries for that matter. In Thailand may be it is easy to get a plastic surgery to change the shape of your nose or your eyes. Steal someone's identity and live happily thereafter. My sympathy for her.
  9. There are plenty of bamboo in Thailand and they grow very fast , overnight they grow about an inch or more. What do prisoners do ? Get them to make bamboo bags and pay them so after they finish doing their time they get some money. Bamboo bags when return to supermarket you get return of 50 percent of the amount you paid. Private jobless people can also make bamboo baskets to sell to supermarket. Government should help to set up for them a place to make those basket, throughout the city or small towns.
  10. "If you want to make trouble in Thailand you will lose". These words should be on a big banner put up at the airport, well, don't make it too obvious, just add in a little picture of some drugs so it appears to be a anti-drug banner.
  11. I heard in US the police said , "drop the knife" and at the same time he shoots you dead. ( if you are a color guy you don't stand a chance, no, not at all). That's what I heard from an American backpacker.
  12. Is he allowed to smoke in the train? Bad movie for kids, encourage smoking when they see their hero smokes. And why was that guy using such a small knife? Charlie Bronson said, "I only fight with guy who got big knife, now leave me alone to read my paper"
  13. I have difficulties trying to figure out how the Thais think. There are so many cases of these lovers who became victims in murder cases or in murder-suicide cases. Do love so easily turn into hate? When I first came to Thailand I thought the Thais were really broad-minded and free love sort of attitude. Apparently they are not. They kill if you take even their ex-girl friend, which is just perplexing. If you break up with your girl, she is free to do what she likes - don't they understand that? So Thais are not people who understand love. They don't. It's so obvious isn't it?
  14. If that is the case the whole world will say to you "stuff your plastic bag up your.....? Well, the world can be beautiful but for people like you.
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