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  1. 1) Countries with certain extreme religious tendencies feature violence, beheadings, etc. 2) Said countries go to <deleted>. 3) People flee these countries in search of better ones. 4) They continue their same previous behaviour. 5) ???
  2. I went there last week. One of the upper floors dedicated to clothing is decimated. Many of the roll down door shops are shut. Areas in the center where racks of clothing had been brought out are empty. One of the shops where I once bought some nice dress shirts from an elderly couple is now gone. Sad. But they've got a lovely new coffee and tea shop, set up outside next to the escalators, done up like a garden with a selection of air fresheners to match. The cell phone area was still going strong. Many local expats still about. I was quoted 400 baht for a generic phone case. Uhh, you do realize the tourists are all gone? Hah. Not a tourist mall? Complete nonsense. They've got your overpriced phone cases. They got tailored suits advertised in USD and JPY. They got cell phone sales and repair, with signs in English, and everyone speaks English, and other foreign languages. The lovely cell phone vendors will also give you their number to service your other needs. Then of course there's the ultimate, must see, infamous tourist trap, the photo studio where you can get all decked out in traditional Thai gear to show the folks at home, which surprisingly was still busy.
  3. I attempt teaching them at the upper high school levels. Ridiculous attitudes. Off in their clique in a corner like they’re in a coffee shop and no one else is there. No participation, no assignments. Attempts at getting any out of them is met with utter disdain, how dare some peon inconvenience them with such nonsense. Already accepted to universities, already have jobs lined up. I’m a firm believer in karma though. They’ll eventually encounter some real competition, real problems that need to be solved, real unfortunate situations such as these, which will test the limits of their connections, family, money, or simply luck.
  4. Indeed, there’s a fair share of “oddballs” who’ve made their way to Thailand. I’ve had the misfortune of working with a few of them. They initially seemed quite friendly, then as the job and stress took their toll, some unusual, aggressive behavior bubbled to the surface, enabling me to fill in those gaps in their history they gave me, periods between jobs and their relationships, and why they weren’t able to hold them down. It would however, be foolish to say this is everyone who’s escaped to Thailand. One must consider all those who’ve migrated throughout human history, and their reasons for doing so. Things weren’t working out for them wherever they were. They heard of opportunity elsewhere. Something then motivated them to make that move, certainly no easy task, abandoning everything they had known, starting over somewhere else, and adjusting to a completely new way of life. Those who piled onto a boat fleeing religious persecution, becoming part of what would later become the United States, did just this, as do the hundreds of those now risking their lives crossing the southern border of this country each month, seeking a better life. Same goes for the Jewish diaspora who’ve migrated throughout the world, escaping wars and massacres, and those from Africa and the Middle East now flooding into Europe. A bunch of oddballs, who just couldn’t fit in and make it wherever they had been. The situation in the US has become quite dire economically within the past decade or so, with rising rents, limited jobs, and lower salaries for the work one’s able to get. This has sent many fleeing to other states, and others like me to other countries. These are socially demanding times we now live in. It now takes more to make it than in the past. You’ve got to be slick, have massive amounts of charisma, amounting to nearly movie star status, which just isn’t feasible. Look at who the successful people are, the Elon Musks of the world. In order to move up, companies want you to be like him. In my previous work I sat through a lot of training videos throwing all the buzzwords at me, I just had “take charge” and “own it”. But such are exceptional people, and certainly not everyone can. Yet there was a time when things weren’t so demanding, when someone like my grandpa could work hard and start a small business, with which he could support his family until he died. He was friendly and polite, but not very charismatic or outgoing. No one was shouting buzzwords at him to make sales figures. He stayed married to his high school sweetheart his whole life, satisfied with someone who wasn’t a “take charge” kind of guy. He definitely wouldn’t have made it these days. Thus, such demanding times have been increasing the number of those of us not making it, resulting in all the civil unrest you now see, those of us choosing to migrate and try new things, and the number of “oddballs” you’re now likely to run into. Cheers all.
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