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  1. I highly recommend you be there, all day unfortunately. Otherwise you likely won't get it. Perhaps you're lucky, and have a delivery guy who knows your moo ban and neighbors. But likely not, as many of them are new as volumes have been greatly increasing. Which is what happened last night. Wife got a call yesterday morning, delivery guy said be ready, it's coming today. We later got a call in the late afternoon, it's still coming. Finally we got another call at 9 pm, he's driving around the moo ban and can't find our soi. 15 mins later his truck shows up, and he hands us the pkg.
  2. I considered doing this. I'm married to a Thai and have been a teacher on Non-B visas. I thought about changing to Non-O. But I heard it's a nightmare. House visits, photos, and a full year of income documented with tax receipts, before you can apply. This income must also be at least 40k. How are Indians making that? (I doubt these are engineers working for tech firms.) I'd like to know how marriage seems to be such a golden ticket for them. Certainly isn't for the rest of us.
  3. Just got these forms at Samut Prakan yesterday. Quit my job. Had to go from Non-B to Covid extension as we can't do a border run as usual. Canceled the Non-B, but only got a 7 day under consideration. Got a nasty stamp that translates as "the farang has failed to fulfill his work obligations and now must leave immediately". Hoping my new job far, far away has all the papers ready for my new Non-B next week, as I really don't plan on coming back. Both that job and horrible immigration office are why I hope to never see Samut Prakan again. Especially that counter number
  4. My wife and I feed the stray dogs when we stop at gas stations as we're traveling. They're usually quite friendly and greatful, both the dogs and the staff.
  5. Years ago we were driving in from the East, stopped somewhere around Khon Khen I believe. We have a bicycle rack. Police checkpoint stopped us and said all items protruding from the back need a red flag. But, it's just a bike, not light poles or PVC pipes? Nope, everything needs a flag. Had to pay the 500 baht. They gotta eat.
  6. My Thai wife and I are in our mid 40's. I picked one close to my own age. She doesn't use the phone much. When she does it's mostly YouTube, as it's easy to just scroll and find cooking and animal videos, while FB, IG, etc. are too complicated. Thank God. As with other things, going with the proven, previous generation avoids the annoying bugs of the latest and greatest.
  7. I wouldn't be so hard on him. In my time here I've seen some excellent teachers let go (not had contracts renewed) for various reasons, other than their teaching ability. If for some reason they want you out, you rubbed someone the wrong way, etc., they'll find some excuse. Same when I was in sales back in the States, back in my younger days. The reasons I've seen here have been: 1) A CV happened to fall on the desk of the director or HOD, of someone younger, more attractive, or with a more impressive background, but not necessarily any better. 2) The teacher was too good, too
  8. Hmm, why not? We have plenty of opportunities to go to a hospital, especially govt ones. The service really isn't bad and they're cheap. Get a check up, get a prescription, better recommendations than the small pharmacies, if you're working you need a yearly health check for your work permit. Then while you're there, why not chat up some of the nurses? Start with health related questions, that's their profession, and they're almost always happy to help. Most are quite good at English and are very friendly. If they seem particularly receptive, go ahead and ask for her Line. I've wat
  9. Even out here in the Issan sticks, when driving into the capital the other day, we saw no less than six shiny new, red plated cars. Big Toyota Hiluxs, Ford Rangers, Honda Citys, Chinese MGs. I suppose given the lack of other business, the banks sure are being loose and fast firing out those 96 month, high interest car loans.
  10. Do you and your GF have Bachelor's degrees? You could teach. Given the closed borders, the schools are all hurting for teachers, particularly government high schools. Female foreigners are especially desired for primary and kindergarten. There's not much to it really, just get up in front of a class giving them some English to practice, preferably in the form of games or songs, which is better than nothing. In the words of Edward James Olmos from Miami Vice, "You have the power to open young minds. Reach for the power. Teach." The school will give you a one year Non-B v
  11. And therein lies the problem. There simply is no starting at a school with a work visa. Perhaps only for a head teaching position at one of the top five BKK intl schools, who can sort things quickly as there's millions of baht involved. 99% of the schools in Thailand do not enjoy such status. These schools must organize paperwork for immigration for the Non-B. That takes time. They must organize paperwork for the labor dept for the work permit. That takes time. They must organize paperwork for the teacher's council for the teaching license, including the teacher's diplo
  12. Remorse and regret, the emotions which guide most normal people into living decent lives. When you're a child you're guided by these emotions. You might decide to steal a toy from the daycare center, but then see the other children upset about why it's missing the next day. You might get angry with a classmate, decide to get physical, but then see them crying in pain, both physical and mental, as they wonder how their friend could've done that to them. These emotions are what keep most people from doing such things again. But look at this guy. Having brutally murdered h
  13. This happened in Ubon a few years back. Expat came home stinking drunk, demanding sex from his wife who slept on the floor. After she refused he kicked her to death. Then while in the Ubon prison, he somehow managed to fall off the roof. Official report, "he was trying to escape". Oops.
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