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  1. Yup, we had all our documents prepared, and mom and dad were brought as witnesses. We were told by our amphur there was no booking, just show up and wait. So we had to wait all day. An official examined and approved the documents, but we still had to wait for the “big boss’” signature. Turns out we were waiting for the other two couples as he wanted to do everyone at once. He eventually went straight up to his office, was up there for 15 minutes just to sign the papers, then quickly left. Hah. These dreams everyone has for pictures with the officials and your certificate were not t
  2. Me, the wife, and the in-laws waited all day at the amphur for the “big boss” to show up. When he did he went straight up to his throne room or whatever. We barely caught a glimpse of him. Two other couples came in, and he wanted to get us all over with at once. About 15 minutes for him to sign everybody, then he hurried back to his castle. Then we went home, where the “ceremony” consisted of some smartphone snaps, a couple of cases of beer, a few bottles of Thai whiskey and Coke, lao khao for the bros in law, Spys for the ladies, and a few kilos of BBQ pork. Your 3k baht would be much better
  3. Mix the soda water with liquor for some cocktails. Then after a few cocktails, switch to beer. Or vice versa. Too many cocktails and I start getting headaches, not to mention tipsy too quick, too much beer and I get bloated. I know some don’t like this, and stick with one or the other, but not I.
  4. Ah, that “bao bao, bao bao” commercial for Leo. A boring ride in the elevator at work somehow ends in a pool party. At the end the announcer says “Soda Leo”, as the text below the logo reads “Leo Soda Water”. That is what they’re merely advertising. Same with the young rapper who takes a swig of his “Soda Singha”. Purely innocent carbonated water. Heh. Of course, every Thai knows that soda water is intended to be mixed with liquor, and you’re also supposed to purchase the matching Leo and Singha beers.
  5. Haha. Let me tell you something about my years of teaching here, in government schools before moving to private. The Thai teachers have a lot of time to kill in the office. By Western educational standards most of their jobs are a joke. About 10% of their time might be involved with something remotely educational, like occasionally dropping off packets or worksheets to their classrooms, where the kids mostly run amok. The other 90% is spent sitting in the office, playing on Facebook, online shopping, chit chatting, running side businesses, which for some moves into stock trading, gambling, the
  6. Heh, here in my office they try to act like some financial tycoons, but it’s really no different than playing the slots, hoping to get in and out at the right times. Sometimes the machine’s “hot”, until it is not, when anyone left playing is left holding the bag. This was particularly clearly seen in the GameStop debacle, which even my students here were familiar with and talking about. Among the adults, they were going off about that OR IPO that happened a few weeks ago, talking the stock up to others after they had bought theirs, who then sell after their shilling bumps up the price.
  7. The footage of the Lalabelle case a few months back is burned into my mind, as it was quite sickening, and played on the news over and over. She could barely stand up anymore, yet that fine, upper echelon of Thai society still wanted her to dance, and kept handing her drinks. Could she have simply stopped and refused? Well, there goes her pay for the night. And there’s the fact these guys are connected, and tales of poor performance would surely be passed on, ruining her career of both future parties as well as conventional modeling. And there’s the fact that her inhibi
  8. Indeed, the old "expat-itus", a propensity toward extreme negativity and confrontational behavior. While I'm convinced Thailand can certainly help some people, it certainly doesn't do others any favors. It either exacerbates or further enables that behavior they won't have an opportunity to change here. It's a bit like the adage I've often heard, "don't come here expecting to escape your problems", which I don't entirely agree with. There are plenty of guys like me who had been looking for alternatives with job opportunities and ladies, and hadn't had much luck, due to the fact tho
  9. One of the smaller bars toward the end of Nana, with ladies of an alternative type, updated their FB last night to say "open now". Fellas, you must increase your diversity and support them.
  10. Indeed. I’ve worked with a lot old folks back in the States, and eventually got a similar spiel from them. Why are you wasting your time with that? It doesn’t pay well, it’s a scam. Stay away from women, they’re all out to get you. Never get married, you’re bound to lose in the end. Never drink, you’ll become a raging alcoholic. Don’t see a doctor for that, what do they know? Oh, you’ve been to that place (in the States)? Nothing but crazies there. You should find Jesus, he saved me. Or don’t find Jesus, it’s a cult. Yadda yadda. I suppose they might mean well. What you
  11. Retirement? A few months ago, up in Issan, I just saw my 72 year old father-in-law still tossing bales of sugar cane up onto the trailer. Despite the family’s continued hard work, the meager, fluctuating profits from farming mean he’s barely able to service their debts to the To Ko So (BAAC Bank), which will never be paid off.
  12. Indeed. If he wanted a warm, sunny place, there’s always Florida. Doesn’t he have a good buddy there, with vast accommodations?
  13. Five back surgeries could’ve been a factor. My mom’s had them for bulging discs, and while they reduced overall pain, occasional sharp, stinging pains have been a side effect. Man, Tiger. Me and many others have long been awaiting his comeback. It did seem to be happening awhile back. He’s still got a lot of time, if he pulls through.
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