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  1. I hope those considering a Thai Elite visa for its golf perks, or the "quality tourists" Thailand really wants, many of whom are likely golfers, do hear about this. I'd better have my golf insurance? Really? I was thinking of hitting the condo pool when I get home. I'd better check up on my swimming insurance. Or maybe the gym, is that equipment really safe? Where's my gym insurance? Good God, those moto taxis! I should be paid up for even looking at them!
  2. Tough talk until you bring up the bank account. His team is threatened? Tickets, merch? Let's look into that name change again. Which is also why I'm against all this PC business. Stand with Black Lives Matter. Take a stand against racism. Advertise in solidarity, throw the BLM logo on it, change those offensive names. It's all talk, and talk is cheap. Remember when Starbucks told their baristas to talk to customers about racism? Really care about blacks and other minorities? How about offering them JOBS? How about opening more positions, instead of all these layoffs? How about raising salaries for those already on the payroll? Oh dear, we're talking about some real money here! Back to taking a knee for that photo op.
  3. Yup. I think the Thais have decided the new normal is over. No one's doing the Thai Chana anymore. People walk in and security doesn't stop them. They still do have to wear masks though. They hold up the thermometers, but I don't think they're really scanning anymore. At one local mall, there were once seating areas outside the shops, where you had to wait since capacity was limited. These have just been removed. Then over at Mega Bangna, especially on Sundays, it's total chaos. Queues and crowds everywhere. Don't expect to get a table in the IKEA restaurant. Do expect impatient hi-so looking types to invade your personal space practically on your behind, angrily tapping their feet or fingers on the counter. I'm guessing the virus has been downgraded on their list of priorities.
  4. Only the most tremendous messages, believe me. Many such cases!
  5. Going it alone? I highly recommend it doing this with your Thai wife, or trusted, long term GF. Yeah, I'm sure the keyboard warriors will be out trashing not being a "real man handling my own business" or whatever, I could care less. Unlike them, I'm not in denial about not being at disadvantage as a foreigner in this foreign country, and take all the help I can get. We just rented our condo on the outskirts of BKK a few months back, before the virus lockdowns began. If we had waited I'm sure we could've gotten a better deal, as the vacancies are now even higher. Around BKK, expect three months of rent in advance, your first month and two months' deposit. Several places we checked were like this. Absolutely negotiate! You can and will get discounts and extras. The owner/landlord knows full well there are piles of vacancies right down the soi, and you're walking if you don't get what you want. Out on the balcony, there was a noticeable spot where a washing machine had been. The wife says, oh, there was a washing machine? He says, uh yeah, we don't have that anymore. Wife goes, well I don't see anywhere we can do laundry, we're going to have to drive all the way down the road every week... In came the brand new washing machine. The TV was a bit old, and didn't always turn on when you hit power. The guy says, yeah it's like that, you just gotta keep trying. Wife goes, well I don't know if I'm going to like that... In comes the new TV. In this manner, I also got a new Ikea desk. Then there was income documentation. I hadn't started working yet and didn't have my contract. She says it's going to be very difficult to get that, you know. Poof went that requirement. Oh yeah, and avoid the agents. We had several jerk us around, they're a total waste of time. Find a condo complex where you talk directly to the owner/landlord. Also really helps when you need to call them for paperwork for immigration, which we did.
  6. They forgot to mention a great deal of gambling ads show up on porn sites. The supposedly illegal in Thailand, supposedly blocked porn sites. Yet I've had students as low as P4 watching them in class. Online gambling's supposedly illegal too, yet there the ads are, in Thai language. Out in the provinces, everyone knows where the secret casinos are too, in some abandoned looking warehouse.
  7. Ah yes. The classic Thai power play. The grandstanding. The ultimatums. After the bans and lockdowns, the great beer families started making noise. Then the shopping mall families. Then the Great Leader called that meeting with them. Then lo and behold, deals were cut and things happened. Now he wants a meeting with the newspapers. No doubt other deals will be made. Now the immigration guys are making noise. "Well, we wouldn't want all these farangs kicked out, now would we?" Another deal shall be cut. It's all good and fun, but whatever. I've got a school work contract and a pile of other papers, but am still missing a few. I'd be willing to kick down a few thousand to "expedite the matter", Thai style. Just give me my Non-B already.
  8. As much as these "responsibility types" absolutely detest the "special snowflakes", they consistently demand the special privilege of authority to pass judgement over them. Everything the "responsibility types" has ever done is good and just. They've followed all the rules and never made mistakes. As such, they are now the special class who should be allowed to survive this judgement day, all the rest be damned. Please, oh responsibility masters. I do hope you're all granted honorary Thai citizenship, and conscripted in the Royal Thai Army. I do hope you're all handed guns, and put us to your firing squad, removing us from Thailand and this Earth, finally solving this visa amnesty conundrum, and making us atone for our woeful lapse in responsibility. Put us out of our misery. At least, we'll finally be free of such scathing damnation.
  9. Indeed. I would suggest to the Thai government, that these "Kick out all the other farangs but me (because I'm special, for some reason)" people be the first ones on the planes out and blacklisted. They're obviously mentally deranged, and of the greatest danger to this country. Their right wing, tough guy talk of "responsibility" and "freeloaders", along with certain left wing "special snowflakeism", is a bit conflicted. Which way's your head screwed on, fellas? As for myself, I've been a teacher many years, changed jobs right before the lockdowns began, and have been unable to get my new Non-B finalized. I still have a legitimate need for the amnesty extension.
  10. Years ago, my first GF in Thailand and I were drinking at an outdoor bar. Along came a little old lady with her lottery ticket case. The GF goes, ooh, can we get a ticket? I asked are farangs allowed to play? She goes, well, you can buy it, but I need to go to the office for you if you win. Haha. That might've worked if I had come to Thailand a few years earlier. But not when Google can confirm it in about 10 seconds. Thus it wasn't long after, this and other things had me looking into a new GF.
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