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  1. Was a big supporter of BoJo and even voted Tory at the last election for the first time in my life but now he has turned into a right little Hitler/dictator and lied continually. Follow the science then ignoring the science as soon as it stops following his agenda which baffles me as to destroy ones country for some personal gain which must be money as this has finished him as PM and will devastate the Tories at the next election. Now adding flu figures to Covid to boost them is disgusting.
  2. I'm sorry but anyone who pays a government or bank 400,000baht just to live in the country especially when there are so many other options. From what I'm reading all those who invested in retirement in Thailand some buying several apartments, even houses, even having millions sitting in Thai banks are finding themselves basically kicked out of their homes and unable to get their money out of their Thai banks all the while reading about chinese from the province that caused the pandemic being allowed back in on so called holiday visa... I do hope this wakes up a lot of expats that keep lingerin
  3. Wow, to be so rich from being so stupid go figure I would love to be that stupid... YEP What a despicable man doing a job for the love of his country, taking no salary for doing it..... people who are haters always have so much venom. Trump is a great president and I pray for 4 more years. But it's a free world so if people want to support a man with VERY strong ties to The KKK then crack on.
  4. Bubble burst. Intensive farming a product normally in the real world means a loss of quality that is why there is such a market for organic produce which cost more. Quality over quantity always...
  5. Ah mythical Thailand that allowed chinese from the pandemic hotspot even after it was recognised around the world and Trump had halted flights from the area, Thailand surrounded by land bordered countries on all sides who have outbreaks, trade flowing in from those countries and The Thai People are virus free and only dirty foreigners have it. Some sort of dumb to believe this..
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