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  1. So I've been going to Thailand since 2002 trained and finally worked in the scuba diving industry on Kow Tow so saw lots of scooter crashes and patched up divers etc, taught in Bkk sor a few years and moved to live in Thailand in 2010 left 2019. In all the time I've lived in Thailand I have never known one single farang who as bumped a hospital Bill, for god sake they basically hold you to ransum till you pay. I do not believe these figure. I can't ever remember seeing a post/story on Thaivisa saying this (plenty of gofundy me but never left without paying).. Lying, lying and lying. Oh, I have heard of a hospital refusing treatment until a credit card was handed over and that guy had bupa health insurance.
  2. Thank you. We moved back to Scotland after 10 years living in Thailand, building a house, buying vehicle's and big bikes (our health insurance if we needed it which resulted in us having years of pleasure, usage and a payout every few years). We never left for financial reasons we had plenty of money to give us a good life style with our children at private schools. We left because of the uncertainty of what next (the its only 800,000baht remark from immigration and 6 police cars turning up at my house full of police) and last year the talk of compulsory insurance which after costing it for my family and I many years ago and having health issues I new it would cause us problems and quite possibly not being able to qualify. Back then friends told me I was worrying over nothing. Thank god we left. This will migrate very quickly over all long term visas. It is no way to live your life not knowing if you will qualify every 12 months to remain in Thailand plus a little bit bitter the fact I've brought over 17 million bahta worth of foreign currency into Thailand over the years. We are very happy being back home.
  3. And another boost to tourism. Save up all year or even several years for your mythical Thai holiday to be told no drinks with your meal, no cocktails by the pool that you dreamed about, no entertainment tonight, all closed. Do they not see the damage this does? I'll correct that, they do see but do not care.
  4. The tiny wages they pay in Thailand should be looked on by the rest of the world as slavery. Long gone is the excuse "if you raise wages prices will rise", when Thailand has become more expensive than the UK. Greed and curruption is a sick cancer that spreads and grows rapidly every time democracy is stolen by the military. It is so sad. I get so angry when I read General this and military in the same sentence because being ex military and coming from a military family these billionaire are nothing more than Mafia Don's.
  5. Melbum your quite a nasty bitter person. Because the guy didn't know or unsure you slag him off. OMFG! What a nasty bit of work you are.... "You old hens" and telling people who have probably invested millions of foreign currency in Thailand to leave...... Show some respect. No one on here knows what will happen at each and every immigration office in Thailand who have a tendency in the interpretation of rules and laws until the 31st and there after as the rules migrate to other visas. When you come to retire you look for stability and continuity and that is not what expats are getting in Thailand and that's why my family and I left.
  6. So does this mean whoever thought this up is now liable to be prosecuted because people cheated and stole from their project to help the economy a bit like the Rice scheme?
  7. Everytime I read this stuff it makes me wonder what altered universe these currupt greedy and mostly uneducated people live in. The obseredness of these stupid statements.... Cure for this, hub of that and my favorite coconut bullet proof vests.... OMG!
  8. Think I will boycott all things made in China. I'm getting really piiiiii~@d off with all this Chinese pressure on us. Yep starting today I am adding China to my list: kellogs, Starbucks, subway, Gillette and anything made in France. Oh dear my phone is Huawei...... When I replace it I will get Samsung next year.... No more Huawei for me.
  9. Mmmm yes if you are a general who seem to become billionaires in a career that pays a fairly small income...
  10. Do you really think its about the mythical "Climate Change" the naturally occurring cycle that is 98% controlled by the sun and less than 1% caused by humans? Its all about money and tax.
  11. A year ago I did the price checking with our shopping at Tops and Big C using tesco UK on line shopping. I was shocked at what I found. Everything I checked was cheaper in the UK even the things that I thought would definitely be cheaper in Thailand pork, chicken and eggs what I found shocked me. The prices were the same or slightly cheaper in the UK. Then the price rises I was seeing of 10 baht on the odd item which were sometimes 30% price jumps. Even 6 years ago when I was looking at cars in Thailand what I found shocked me. All the cars I looked at that were made in Thailand were more expensive than the same vehicle which had been imported to the UK. The captiva was something like £7k more in Thailand. When I went to sell my Everest 3l 4x4 before leaving Thailand which I saw advertised for one million baht I was offered 250,000baht by a dealer who would then go on to sell it for a million. Greed. What has shocked me on returning to the UK after 10 years in Thailand was first the quality in the food for sale far acceded that I found in Thailand and clothes were cheaper in the UK and again better quality. My wife loves shopping here. All she keeps saying is wow, look at how much more this is in Thailand. Its so sad I love Thailand but breaks my hart what the generals have done to the country from 2006 to now. The low wages can no longer be justified, its just the rich getter richer and the poor getting poorer.
  12. Because the Generals and the elite haven't got all their money out yet. Why do you think the baht is rising when it should be crashing? Chinese dirty money and even clean money has been leaving China, a few months ago China started putting messured in place to slow/stop this and we seen a massive jump in exports of gold & gems etc China's economy is not doing as well as people think.
  13. And that's the point; uncertainty is no way to live your life especially when your getting older. I couldn't take it any more and we left. This was being talked about last October and that's what scared me. The fact that in Thailand things can and do change in days with no regard. In UK you apply for your visa and when you get it that's that and any changes do not effect you. If you wish to change your visa then the rules apply on that date apply forever. When changes happen it is discussed debated signed off and a date set in the future minimum 12 months normally and not 20 days or next week. Your finances may change in the UK year on year but you never live in fear that you may not qualify next year to renew your visa.
  14. Oh mmmmm if your questioning me then probably not so very sorry. It was a reply to the guy who quoted UK demanding £2000 for NHS cover charge on visa application which is wrong. So my apologies but in my defence I'm old, disabled and would not qualify for health insurance in Thailand now and even 10 years ago it was so expensive I bought a vehicle instead......
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