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  1. When/if it gets to the Senate if all the dems have is this phone call idiocy the Senate will vote to dismiss and it will be over with a simple majority.
  2. If he were a dictator or hitler or whatnot, why would he not have all those feckless dems rounded up and executed? Why would he continue to give access to all the phony news networks? Dictator indeed.
  3. Yeah, I google Biden Ukraine and I get page after page of left wing “news” outlets condemning Trump and praising Biden. That proves it, thanks!
  4. Yes, the standard regurgitation from the left is that if you don’t want Trump run out of office and incarcerated you worship him. Do you know how tiresome that is? I hated President Obama’s policies, and know him to be a liar, but I did not call for him to be run out of office.
  5. As always, any reasonable, thinking person would agree with you, yes? Another if the left’s standard regurgitated responses. If you don’t agree with the left, there is obviously something wrong with you, right? While I don’t think him particularly honorable, he is at least as honorable as either of the Clintons, and certainly more honorable than any number of other individuals holding public office. I know the left’s constant claim (all a sudden) that we have to hold the President to a higher standard. Which is nothing but code for: we can say anything we want, and he should say nothing in response. He is attacked and lied about in the press constantly, he and his family are called any number of names and his net worth has plummeted. So while I think he is something of a blow-hard, and he has made a number of (what I consider) bad decisions, he has at least slowed the leftward shift of the country and for that I am grateful. You are not. You want the leftward shift to accelerate, and (apparently) are willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of office. whatever
  6. Doh! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. How’re sales and your 401k? Not having Hillary is enough. Imagine where we’d be if all the dems moaning on about Trump, and stopping him from getting anything done were running the show...
  8. Yes, a lie that the campaign of his rival started. How funny is that? You guys all all still lying about what he says...
  9. No, back atchoo!!!! That you don’t acknowledge what others might believe does not mean it has no legitimacy. You believe any number of things I know to be false.
  10. Fortunately, a lot of us finally have a honorable and competent President. But it’s nice you guys have a taste of how we felt for the 8 years prior.
  11. There are just too many people eating meat, driving cars, flying and living in air-conditioned homes. These things are not sustainable and should be reserved for the wealthy, political elites and environmental activists.
  12. I retired from JCI when they were the largest automotive battery manufacturer in the world, and I know dick-all about battery technology... Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Yes, one of thousands. I wonder why they didn’t ask what the market would do if Bernie or one of the other communists is elected.... Hilarious
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