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  1. Iam confused about this upgrade, I have had 3bb since I can remember. I changed to fiber package about 3 years ago the 1,290 baht package I figured with this I can get a faster speed for 990 or whatever it was but it says that HBO is included? I used the 3bb APP and switched over 5 days ago, i confirmed on the app my service is now on the new package... I used this page on the app and just selected the new package: Question is does this include the monomax + HBO go? Has anyone figured out how to set up the hbo go?
  2. I feel like im getting mixed information, girlfriend is saying you cant travel to other provinces without medical papers... But this makes it sound like their just screening. GF's mom is with us and wants to go back home to Buriram so whats the deal with the inter province travelling is it restricted to just essential people or what?
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