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  1. 11 hours ago, Will27 said:

    You should speak to better agents, because that is incorrect.


    They (Immigration) won't do anything to you if she overstayed anyway.


    Lots of people apply without a sponsor and get visa's.

    All depends on the applicant and the strength of the application.


    Can you tell me your experiences with this please? I'm interested to know if you have any information that may help me, have you got a Visa for your thai partner into Australia?

  2. 1 hour ago, Will27 said:

    Can you tell me why?


    Because in my dealings, that's not the case.


    The Aussie citizen is not applying for the visa.

    There's no advantage at all.

    I was told by 2 very well known aussie based Visa specialists that if I'm acting as her sponsor they check my visa type and when they see I'm here travelling myself there is a very slim chance they will accept it i was told a 10% chance, where as if I was an aussie citizen one of there own it looks alot more plausible and if anything goes wrong say she does overstay they could then come after me they know everything about me the chances are I have my own house here a job a car not a foreigner with no ties who can get on the next flight and not return.


    I asked if she should apply for a tourist on her own without a sponsor and was told the chances were even slimmer 

  3. On 10/19/2019 at 3:56 AM, Trek800 said:

    My situation is little bit different than what OP described but I would like to ask some advice anyway.

    I am a EU citizen and can travel to Australia with e-visitor what I can apply online but obviously my Thai gf needs a visitor visa. Around next April we are planning a 10 days trip to Melbourne and Tasmania.
    Just thinking what her chances would be to get a visa? We are traveling together During her university break and I will pay for the flights and living expenses. For a travel history, she have one expired schengen visa in her passport from our 5 weeks trip to Europe last summer and also visa free entry/exit stamps from Japan where we took a 5 days extended weekend trip.

    i didn’t find any information about when non Aussie Citizen wants to have a holiday in Australia with his Thai girlfriend. 


    From what I have learned since looking into this they need to see solid grounds that she is going to return back to Thailand being letter from employer/school, proof of home ownership , a child, dependants in Thailand. I've also learned that being an Australian citizen is a very big advantage, if your not an Australian citizen yourself and your trying to sponsor your thai partner who is also not an Australian citizen not forgetting  also classed as high risk to the Australian government you need to have an extremely solid application put in place for them to let her in it doesn't matter if you plan to visit for 1 week or 12 weeks with return flights booked the first thing they think is risk of overstay its just the way it is its <deleted> and unfair but that's the way the cookie crumbles, if your going to try seek an immigration specialist even with one of those the chances will be low but alot better that on your own 

  4. On 9/6/2019 at 1:56 PM, Moonlover said:

    What ill-informed rubbish. My previous wife was Indian and we spent much of our time together in the Arabian region, including the UAE. She never had any issues there at all.


    My current Thai wife also worked in the region for 13 years, both in Dubai and Egypt. The only issue she had was with a rather dictatorial German boss!

    Were you able to do this because they were married to you? From what I can gather I cant really do anything to help her as we are not married do you have any idea how they will get on doing the Visa on there own for visitor Visa something like that?

  5. Hello,


    Some of you may seen my post about trying to get my Thai girlfriend into Australia with me as this is not possible and we want to be together I've started looking at other options.


    The work that I can get in Dubai will give me a full Visa and Emirates ID, I've been together with my partner now for 4 months and want to know if there is any way she would be able to come over to Dubai and live with me based on what I've just said above? 



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  6. 7 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

    Not a chance in the world.


    She will have to apply on her own, you could put a letter in with her application as it would hurt, but she would have a better chance going through an agent I would think.


    So you have been seeing her for 4 months, she is freelance model, you have enough money to support her stay, she has family which she has to support, which you can support if she stays with you.


    I am only going to say this once, read between the lines, if you get it, all and good, if you don't, no doubt you will in time, I hope I'm wrong though.


    Best of luck

    Yes she would be doing her own application through a well known Visa visa lawyer based in Australia who has helped alot of thai get to Australia but not many with my situation where I'm not a Australian citizen. 


    Was looking to see if anybody has done something similar and can tell me if they think its worth trying or a waste of money 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Peterw42 said:

    OP, It all comes down to flight risk. Reasons to return to Thailand.

    Without a job, children etc in Thailand she may have problems as no reasons to return.

    You will need to prove your relationship, photos, emails etc, that is more important than how much money you have or your citizenship.




    We can prove a pretty decent looking relationship travelling around asia together alot of pictures a messages, but the biggest thing like you say is the reasons to return

  8. 12 minutes ago, ThaiBunny said:

    The difficulty that I foresee is she's a different nationality altogether - if she was a girlfriend from your home country I'd say you'd stand a good chance. Your post suggests she's in Thailand and you're already in Sydney. However this link suggests she'll have to apply for her own visa, and I doubt she's eligible for a WH visa - https://www.gotocourt.com.au/immigration/working-holiday-visas/

    Yes I'm in sydney and she in thailand, the visa she would be applying for is a visitor Visa for 3 months and I would be acting as a sponsor to cover her costs while she is here 

  9. Hello,


    So my situation is I'm an english citizen living in Sydney Australia on a 12 months working holiday Visa. I have been with my Thai partner now for 4 months and want to get her to come join me in Sydney on a  3 month subclass 600 visitor visa. I have more than enough enough money to support her stay and can prove this. My partner is a freelance model in thailand with no kids and rents a condo monthly. She has family who she has to provide for which I can also provide for while if she was to come to Australia.


    Can anybody who has tried something similar or who has any advice add some input and let me know what chance I have. I understand not being an Australian citizen may screw the chances up but I'm aware the uk and Australia have a fairly reasonable relationship that I'm hoping might go in favour



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