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  1. OP, You're a good guy. I wish everything works out and you're blessed with a beautiful kid. All parents are proud of their children but you'll have a special reason. Good luck.
  2. Incredibly callous one as the OP's posted a problem in Health and Med.
  3. I've bought Brooks sneakers from Supersports, Central Chidlom, a couple of times. They're decent. The first pair lasted a couple of years through frequent use and the second one I just got a month ago. The label says my size: USA 14, EUR 48.5, UK 13, 32 CM For regular shoes, like others above say, Ecco has large sizes. Go to their shop in Central World.
  4. As said I am looking for recommendations for a reliable store in Bkk to buy this phone at a good price. The minimum 8GB RAM/128 GB storage configuration is fine. By default I would be trekking around MBK. But if you could point me to a store (not necessarily in MBK) you trust I would be happy to check them out. Thanks. Added: Lazada has a seller offering this for 23059b but I would rather go to a physical store. The price seems great though.
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