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  1. I can explain crypto to you but this would involve fairly complex economic theory including that of dynamical quantum valuation based on hypergeometric calculus. Now you can either wait to figure all this out and miss the bus in the process. Or get in now and put off reading till after you've made a couple of mil. Your choice.
  2. Lordie, I always thought bitcoins have no value, except for what the next sucker wants to pay, because there is no there there. No product. No service. No nothing. But this post just parted the clouds and let in the sun. Now I see. I believe. Yes. Yes.
  3. <deleted>. They aren't. In any case, we can't have it both ways. Whining about being treated as outsiders by Thais - see dual pricing, 90 day reports, and on and on. And then coming over all loyal US citizen come time for vaccination. Pick a side. Actually, you already did if you chose to live here.
  4. The stock market in the long run makes about 7%pa. This is with companies that actually make and sell tangible products and services. 12% pa guaranteed with no risk to the capital investment? Explain to me how they make that $12 on $100. You can't? I will. John buys sillycoin for $100, sells it Jill for $120, who sells it Joe for $130, who sells it to ... This theory was worked out 100 years before Nakamoto by Charles Ponzi. And no I am not 60+. I am 12 and a half and I understand these things. Shame on you old man.
  5. I kind of look like this. But I am friendly and a good sport.
  6. A lot:-) INR 5000 in Kolkata shipping,. THB 2000 here clearance fees etc. Much more than the cost of the meds. But worth it as I had zero other option.
  7. Mor Prom is supposed to open up to all foreign residents next month. Lots of us who are plain retirees. Passport/visa should be all they ask for.
  8. Yep, what Bumrungrud told me was either Thai national, pink ID, Soc security no. or tax id. Not sure if it's either or all. I have the last two but I'll wait to see what's on offer before poking my head into Mor Prom.. I am not going anywhere, no rush.
  9. I just did. They have no sign-up program of their own yet. In fact, they still haven't got an import permit. They are working on it. What you can do is go into Mor Prom and choose Bumrungrud as your preferred place.
  10. Yes, it's possible to import drugs from India by courier. I used DHL. My report is here. DHL will do the FDA clearance for you provided they have all the docs: complete description of the drugs (I provided pics of the box, tabs, info booklet, etc.) AND a med cert. from a Thai doctor specifically saying you need the Indian drug. Call DHL and they will assign someone to your case whom you provide all the docs. They'll run these by their import team to see if approval is possible (as Sheryl says if it's proscribed/controlled you'll be told so and that's that). If you get the gree
  11. I have a number from way back when for a pickup truck that used to be parked near my soi in Bkk. I used him once to ferry plants from Chatuchak to my home. Haven't seen him in ages so have no idea if he's still operational or just lying low through the pandemic. Give him a call 081-6924102.
  12. Exactly. Renting is ridiculously cheap vs. owning here. Pretty much the opposite of the US. 7% pa is exactly right as the historical return (inflation-adjusted) on the stock market (except last few years when it's been like a silly 20%). My rented place here in Bkk echo your numbers. 2-bed 2 bath, huge balcony overlooking a park, 5 mins. from Victory monument and the BTS, rent 25k/mth. including utilities, maid service and maintenance. Purchase price would be 8-10 mil. Which means I am renting for less than 4% of the capital price. Few years ago I looked into buying and
  13. Slightly tangential question. Reason to ask is I am waiting like others for something to come back from my report mailed 5 weeks ago. A couple more weeks of nothing and I will go to MTT to sort it out. Question: What to say to a cab driver to get there? I know Muong Thong Thani they will know but it's a big place, no? How to precisely indicate the location of Imm there? E.g., ศูนย์ราชการเจ้งวัฒนะ (<- soon raachaakan chaang wataana) gets to CW. I'll take a cab from Moh Chit likely.
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