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  1. Most accurate post I’ve seen on here for a long time - bravo! How ironic the deaths yesterday in the U.K. alone almost (missed by eight) matched the entire block of 27 EU countries - still not to worry we’ll be ok alone
  2. Today Bojo announced he was ‘proud of the U.K. effort’
  3. So potentially 2,850,000 immigrants to the U.K. - brexiteer heads must be in a spin this morning !!
  4. and now throwing them out !!! Wait wait - update - but then chartering jets to fly them back in at taxpayers expense to pick the crops
  5. They do if they handpick the tech savvy hongkongians - but I’ve read Aus and Canada have already embarked down that route - typical Boris always late to the party
  6. Due process Google Guinness trial if you really want a farcical justice system (UK) and let’s not mention OJ Simpson ....
  7. So many masks slowly slipping on this thread to reveal outright racists.
  8. but according to Sun readers the EU need the U.K. more than we need them (with their GDP 6 times bigger than the U.K. that makes sense) - which seems to fly in the face of your delusion
  9. What’s the reason you support law breaking Cummings so much then ? (At least we’ve moved on from ‘no case to answer’ to ‘minor breach’ progress. Let’s park the A or B question then, do you think everyone fined for ‘minor transgressions’ should get their money back in light of Cummingsgate’ ?
  10. You’ve missed one out, his own wife gave a detailed account of him being in bed feeling poorly, how the poor diddums deserved a day off, “even if it came via sickness” blah blah blah when he wasn’t even in the house !!! You have to admire his lemmings.
  11. Wow I don’t think questions can get easier than A or B, how wrong I was still moving on.... Where did the police say he ‘had no case to answer’ get that exact quote please as I consistently read it was a minor breach of the law (for which others have already been fined) So Rosie Duffield caught stupidly sneaking off for a bit of hows your father and honourably resigns when caught, where’s the comparison with Cummings who clearly hasn’t got the guts she has and drives a 4 year old around to ‘test’ his eyesight ?
  12. Except that the governments own scientific advisors are saying the government are opening up too soon - how odd! Wait wait didn’t Dom sit in on the SAGE meetings where the rules were created ?
  13. I see old birthday girl herself Mrs Cummings story of events has now blown a hole in Doms story - tut tut Shouldn't someone in Doms corner be throwing in a towel about now ?
  14. Not different - they should both be dismissed - you happy with that outcome ? Or would you prefer they are both allowed to flout the law ? A or B ?
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