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  1. Most would prefer if he just bought a condom!! How many kids has this role model abandoned now ?
  2. It doesn’t matter how many dozens of times it’s been clearly explained to you, you are still completely unable to comprehend simple facts. The GE attempts failed as Johnson can’t be trusted - take a few minutes to digest that so you don’t have to keep making the same errors. However your absurd 2 horse analogy makes me doubt it will get through.
  3. Everything you write reads like The Times cryptic crossword puzzle - and that’s always a <deleted> to finish !!
  4. Haha is that it ? <deleted> me, someone in the leave corner throw in the towel for Christ’s sake !!
  5. Love seeing the bravado cum grovelling develop - can see the conversation now EU - “So Mr Johnson you’ve made a complete cluster <deleted> of everything you’ve touched, cannot open your mouth without crashing your countries currency and have been caught lying to your monarchy whilst shutting down the democratic institution known as parliament to avoid scrutiny at a time when you have never needed it open more, you hold no cards whatsoever and we are six times richer than you - how can we help ?” BJ - would you pretty please accept May’s deal but change the paragraphs around so it looks different and I can claim a success ? I’m properly in the <deleted> here and if I get sent to prison I’m going to be torn a new one by Mr Big who’s in with the wardens!
  6. 100% waffle - if you don’t understand demographics I can’t help you. You can can call me whatever you like , there is zero chance you can offend me though there was one leaver earlier that went a bit apoplectic when bringing the Nazis into the argument so he might not be too impressed. So for the sake of clarity OLD people predominantly voted for leave and are thankfully expiring, YOUNG people don’t want it - so how do you think a second referendum would go ? Take your time now .....
  7. Good grief how many more times is someone going to say that ? The completely unrelated comparison has been done to death Who said the ‘world was going to end’ ? Let alone ‘everyone’
  8. So how are those deals going ? List them OR if that’s unfair just give us a glimpse of what’s in the pipeline (The vast majority of UK laws are created in the UK - don’t believe everything you read in The Sun)
  9. There are just 27 people there - and you’ve never seen 27 white people in a group together before ? Ever been to a football match, a swimming gala, a chess night ? Or ANY gathering in Cornwall ? What exactly is your point - though I admire your bravery as a leaver venturing into the racism field
  10. What on earth is wrong with you ? Seriously ? Absolutely everything you write is completely incoherent.
  11. So the evidence to counter what I said - work in progress ? Just find one scrap of evidence that suggests young people are in favour of brexit - ONE !! You claimed it was ‘fake news’ and so I provided you with the evidence as requested. As for the old codgers - yet again just google leave vote demographics. It’s all there. I’ve given you my evidence, let’s see yours (The youth section of the BNP doesn’t count) What would you like karma to deal me ?
  12. I think you do yes - are you condoning Zorrows racism then ? TVF clearly are
  13. Wow I think this is getting to you - there is so much evidence of the demographics of the vote out there it’s embarrassing you’ve asked. But remainers provide evidence as opposed to one line garbage so here you are fullfact.org 73% under 24 voted remain, Mori 75%, YouGov 71%, Question Time poll 73%, British Social Attitudes (BSA) 72% etc etc - Enough to be getting on with ? loads and loads more but it’s polite not to kick a man when he’s down But when you do come up for air show me something that counters that, that shows the youth are likely to, or have voted leave oh wait but they’re all bias right ? Remarkably similar percentages but it’s all a conspiracy ? Old racist codgers are dying off taking Brexit with them, it’s just a shame they were allowed to rip the carpet out from under the future generations first. Looking forward to those polls you’re going to find ......
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