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  1. so no deals with Japan, New Zealand and Australia then ?? and there certainly isn’t one or close to one with USA ! But seriously how did you manage to type that list with a straight face ?? Faroe Islands, Lichtenstein !! Who needs the $17+ trillion GDB EU - when you’ve got that list of industrial powerhouses !!
  2. Given we’re 4 years into this self harm - how are the trade agreements going you speak of ?
  3. Haha priceless isn’t it - so according to this brexiteer THE largest trading bloc on the planet won’t be missed!! It is truly scary you were given a vote on the UK’s future.
  4. He said he would walk away Dress it up how you like, the blundering buffoon bottled it !
  5. “I’ll clue ya” Then no clearer evidence you never had the slightest idea what you were voting for and yet claim you know what’s best for the U.K. without any economic comprehension whatsoever! So funny
  6. More intellectual input from the brexiteer camp! Capitulate how ? You realise even if we got our own way on the fishing (which trust me Bojo WILL back down on) just how much we sell to the ....wait for it ...... EU !! So what are we capitulating on ? - fully costed specifics would be good
  7. You really think Boris could work out how to turn an oven on ??
  8. Even now, after millions of words of unsubstantiated sound bites, you still have no idea of the difference in scale of the EU and U.K. GDP. With all the information at their fingertips it’s baffling how the Brexiteers can be so clueless !!
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