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  1. does anyone have her phone number or email sounds like my kinda woman
  2. its also true about odour caucasians and dairy french garlic indians curry & in Malaysia they steal the bum gun fittings from everywhere, shopping mall and even airport loos
  3. i think ive over thought the arithmetic i already said divide canvas into 4 and replicate on your print out throw away the arithmetic just keep sub dividing the rectangles from 4 to 16 then work from there where you require more detail
  4. let us know how you get on. the only problem is you have 3 extensions thats a total of 7 months you can only try, if refused you still can come overland to udon thani on an exempt and then extend that
  5. you like your women to be openly lesbian you may be approaching this dating thing all wrong or you just gave away a porn fetish
  6. i never gave it a border the web site did i think working from the screen may be difficult better you print it of so your canvas is 150x80 find your centre with diagonals next draw a line vertical and horizontal now you have 4 squares in your case a subdivision by 10 is appropriate but you must choose vertical size or horizontal size squares so that is 7.5cm or 8cm 75cm either side of your vertical as your divisions by 10 now a print of can be treated the same way find the centre take the size of the print divide by 10 draw your squares its all in the arithmetic the site i used does not really do what you require your picture and canvas dont have a common denominator that is why i use 10 so you have to choose 7,5cm squares or 8 cm squares the horizontal sizes versus vertical but whichever you choose the same formula must be applied to the photo does that make sense?
  7. thats from a web page download myais app same thing
  8. go to my ais https://myais.ais.co.th/home click on service on the left top up another if you have a voucher if not balance and validity transfer giving money from your balance to daughters phone or you can choose topup and use cc https://myais.ais.co.th/home input your number they send you One Time Password menu on left everything you need
  9. watch official video from VFS sample Indian tourist 5.02 mark is guarantor firstly local someone in a gov job a dr policeman or business owner is good for thailand they put 'same as proposed address' which in this case 'hilton hotel' https://www.google.co.th/search?client=opera&q=google+local+guarantor+thailand+visa+application&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#kpvalbx=_o1ulXYafMoHC3LUP3ISgkAg35
  10. Ah some bright spark has combined the coffee shop/barbers idea seriously or the endless tattoo parlors or the shops that only sell the things the Chinese take home
  11. its all in the difference between 2 and 3 chang and seriously have you really been 'moderating' this forum
  12. rewrite last few lines as cannot edit; democratic governments worldwide have a deep fear for individualistic and original thought of each android addict and moreover fear the subtly named devices software 'android' to have more sinister implication and are urgently looking at their rehabilitation program with chrome notebooks with over 97% of seemingly rehabilitated pc addicts turning to so called 'smart' phone usage. the UN has issued a special report as all addiction platforms have surfaced from the USA... tax avoidance has been highest from each platform resulting in mass global poverty from global tax evasion systems. western governments are urging users not to switch wikileaks produced documentation along the lines of platform insurgency all non android users in the west are being closely monitored by internal security organisations such as NSA Mi5 BND and other EU organisations, our operations are seriously understaffed and compromised we are looking at threats from the middle east but this its beyond our capabilities. meanwhile the Chinese government has issued every citizen with a phone with an updated 'android' system on the recently barred Hawaii system
  13. that is defo the worst joke of the month and ive had a few changs are you getting aroused by pc's then you just may have problem we suggest you seek help immediately and at all costs try to avoid any apple computer devices with their sleek curves and designs these are the heroin of computer addiction if your just running a pc on windows then there is help out there of you have progressed to something harder like linux mint or suse then some permanent damage has already occurred but there is help out there government programs are already being set up they will give you daily access to a chrome notebook much like methadone for heroin users fortunately the chrome notebook offers very poor performance and users soon find they are weened of their pc addiction though an alarming new trend has begun with telephone devices one can see zombie like creatures oblivious of their surrounding stumbling blindly down the street government intervention to introduce high spec cameras into these devices seem to have no impact with users choosing instead the inferior front lens to look at themselves the narcissistic nature of these devices on mankind is obvious governments worldwide fear for the individual and original meanwhile the chinese government has issued every citizen with a phone
  14. nothing pc wine women and cheese all things that are better matured the original ones were sexy the posters are <deleted> coz its the 80's all that big hair jaclyn smith cheryl ladd the next three were the remake oh Lucy this is the 3rd one
  15. the original angles Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith, cheryl ladd next remake must just be an age related thing
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