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  1. no never a stop but bordering nations are closed where are you going to fly to? home? coz there really only is 3 countries open UK/USA/Mexico and just shows with the infection figures idiots that is just speculation at this time, no one knows when the borders will open and to whom. You cannot call BKK a border Please Joe you should know better
  2. cable wont do it to long https://lifehacker.com/make-a-long-range-wi-fi-extender-out-of-a-coffee-can-5915815 get your router in the closest unit take the antenna swap it out for one with a cable set up the coffee can point it at your location of choice should work
  3. lets have a SE Asia bubble <deleted> then we can move around the only problem being if you hold some EU/UK/USA passport meaning we will probably have to get exemption/visa to travel proving we have not been in EU/UK/USA since time immortal pre covid. but open the borders <deleted> The UK most certainly is going for herd immunity during the summer thinking that infection rate in summer is less viral load less health care less inundated /overloaded which prepares them better for winter whereas these se asian nations are being overly overly cautious especially as WE KNOW covid was here pre wuhan the only bad entry in all this is Singapore & Malaysia with their itterant illiterate immigrant workers Malaysia up to 2 million a year all muslim mostly bangla /pak staying in overcrowded accommodation once that mob gets to open mosques Malaysia will climb again; A LOT OF INFECTION CLUSTERS STARTED IN RELIGIOUS GATHERINGS SINGAPORE CHURCHES KL MOSQUES SOUTH KOREA SOME CULT BS in the last few days clusters of 100 plus in singapore 500 plus today all immigrants
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