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  1. Keep the peasants stoned and they won't care or have the energy to protest in the streets
  2. Yes I was going to ask what this clown shoe intends to do (besides nothing) about all farangs living here!
  3. It's whatever the IO feels like asking for at any given time on any given day. It's like a "Magic 8 Ball" with those people.
  4. Yes I too have noticed that things are one-sided on this website.
  5. Yet another racist survey. Number 1 can be taken as a racist statement as it doesn't mention mandatory vaccinations of Thai nationals. I will be getting vaccinated as soon as it becomes available to me for my age group (over 60) free or otherwise for the sake of my own personal health and safety, not because of what "ANYONE" thinks or wants.
  6. I think he put all of the AZ on hold until the vaccine is manufactured in Thailand for their own benefit. My question is who do they plan on testing it on if at all???
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