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  1. Yes exactly and wondering why our respective embassies aren't lifting a finger to help any of us. A joint coalition of diplomatic pressure can easily be applied. Cutting off financial aid packages and presenting evidence to the WTO that Thailand clearly does NOT treat foreigners equally as agreed to when they became a member of the WTO. Give "EVERYONE" access to their Thai bank accounts from offshore to pull their money out and access to their property to sell it. I live here on a retirement extension and would NEVER buy property here. For those of you that have brought property here, love the people, love the culture, love the country, sadly enough none of that will ever love you back. I totally agree that it should be made easy for you to return with the same requirements as a Thai national. For what ever reason anyone came to Thailand to live and/or work it was done in good faith on our part and every single one of us deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. I also found Vietnam very welcoming especially as being an American. I was greeted by name at immigration and welcome to the country. Everywhere I went the people would want to talk with me. Once they found out I was an American more people would the conversation and have so many questions. So polite and so friendly. Many asking why I live in Thailand instead of Vietnam. If they had a retirement visa I would be there in a heartbeat
  3. I keep imaging their lips firmly sealed around the rectum extracting golden butt nuggets
  4. Yes good decision on your part. My annual renewal is in October but I got screwed out of 6 months on the multiple re-entry permit. I asked about a partial refund earlier this month. The IO smiled and said "no". Never again will I pay anything in advance!
  5. I am on my 3rd non-o 1 year extension based on retirement, no insurance required. Do NOT apply for the O-A retirement visa as that one does require insurance.
  6. The government and banks have your money and property now. Your screwed. Case closed. NEXT!
  7. I agree as I was thinking the same thing. I'm not a millionaire but I do have a nice retirement fund and living very comfortable in Thailand is easy for me. Why would I want to stop enjoying life and start working again?
  8. I'm not so sure about that. I think monkeys are much more organised and intuitive than anything I have seen so far.
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