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  1. "...I realized when looking deeper into immigration years ago, owning property entitled me to NO immigration benefits..." I can't say I researched it deeply. It sounds like you made the best decision for you. I was not expecting immigration benefits or entitlements when I made the purchase. It fit well with my big picture plans and I was willing to accept the Thai Immigration Standard Operating Procedures as published at the time. The reason I posted this topic is because the SOP has changed due to COVID-19 and I was seeking clarification. Apparently there will be a revised SOP published in two days.
  2. ubonjoe: I agree. I don't feel it was a scam. At a minimum, I fell unlucky. I do feel I should be able to enter the country after having made that level of investment/commitment. Perhaps you are right, maybe condo owners are next on the 'special exception list.
  3. According to thaiembdc.org/visas: Under the Declaration of a COVID19 Emergency Situation, there are three way foreigners may enter Thailand; Diplomat, work permit, or special exception. Special exceptions listed are medical/humanitarian or married to Thai. My wife and I are U.S. and Japanese passport holders. We would like to visit the condo we purchased and own in Thailand later this year.
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