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  1. This is the exact response I knew I was going to get. Refusing to acknowledge the problem in Pattaya/Jomtien and just point your finger at western culture and say look. Thai apologists at their finest.
  2. Jomtien beach needs to be cleared out as well. Mentally ill drug addicts and homeless are everywhere on the beach, the cops were down there a few days ago poking a thai laying drunk in the sand to make sure he was still alive. Didn’t move for about 10 minutes, he looked dead but they got some reaction from him and let him be. thais have really shown their true selves to me during the last 4 months. Never seen such an angry bitter side to them as many are struggling to make ends meet and easy to blame the foreigners. The scowls are there everyday, it’s something in their eyes that’s hard to explain but I recognize it immediately when I see it. I’m leaving soon and will never return.
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