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  1. Rules have been changing/adjusted for several years in an (half-hearted) attempt to stop various abuses of the system. I think, if too many people use the 'SETV/VE to non O conversion' in an attempt to bypass the O-A insurance requirements then that SETV/VE option will be severely restricted.
  2. I've found if you initiate the transfer before 9:00am Thai time you will get the second email within an hour or so to confirm your transfer has arrived in your Thai Bank and will be in your account when your bank does their normal daily updates. Bangkok Bank for example update the account at 2:00pm each day. I normally initiate my transfers at around 7-8:00am and get the second email by about 9:00am. It's then available to use from my BKKB account from 2:00pm the same day. If you initiate the transfer after 9:00am Thai time you will usually have to wait 24 hours or so for completion, although it can still arrive sooner.
  3. You don't say how you contacted your daughter. Firstly, your daughter should have Skype installed on her phone. It doesn't matter who initiates the call. Costs to each are the same. The actual Skype to Skype call is free from Skype but the cost of the internet to make the connection depends on the internet package being used. So, secondly your daughter should be connected to the internet via a low cost connection, eg: WIFI or a mobile connection that provides an adequate data allowance. If she doesn't have a data allowance and just connects using a basic phone package she will pay a premium price for connecting to the internet to use Skype (or any data connection for that matter) which is expensive.
  4. SUCCESS. I tried again, firstly requesting another password reset email then logged on to my email account using Firefox. It took an hour for the email to arrive but then used the reset button to get to the log in page, again using Firefox, and put my email address in (not my username that displayed automatically) then chose a new password and logged in successfully.
  5. Just use this basic address to get to the log in page https://tvchaosuk.com It won't help though. Tells you to reset your password, then tells you the reset token is invalid. I have three email addresses and eventually found the one they would accept. But when I tried reseting the password (they send a reset link via that email address) I then get this message. I tried it twice last night (using chrome) and twice this morning (using Firefox) just in case there's some sort of compatibility problem. Same result every time. Has anybody logged in successfully? This is the email address the email comes that contains the reset link. admin@tvchaosuk.com [admin@tvchaosuk.com] The email actually goes into your Junk Email folder. Validation Error × {"email":["This password reset token is invalid."]}
  6. I posted this a short while ago: If the wording can be interpreted in the way I read it, then Immigration have already got things covered. It will automatically require extensions to be covered by insurance. It will only be people who've been here on retirement extensions a for a long time that might 'slip through the net in the forseeable future, and of course, people with marriage extensions who don't seem to be included in the current plans...........for now.
  7. Yes That is what the order states. I think section six can be read differently. It says anybody who ENTERS Thailand on a non-immigrant O-A Visa must buy health insurance that covers the length of stay in the KINGDOM - not for the length of validity of the visa. So, after entering with an O-A visa when getting an extension based on retirement you have continued your length of stay in the KINGDOM and could well be required to continue with the insurance until you physically exit Thailand, not when the O-A visa expires.
  8. When my mate converted his tourist visa to a 90 day non O about four years ago, he did in Jomtien because he was living in Chonburi. Then before applying for his retirement extension he moved to Korat to stay with his girlfriend. Immigration told him he couldn't apply for his extension in Korat and he must return to Chonburi to live and apply for it in Jomtien. They told him there was no problem with him moving to Korat once his extension was granted. He stayed in Chonburi though because of mixed reports he'd read on this forum about 90 day report problems after moving to another province straight away.
  9. And presumably at least 10% of the £650 is also going on agents' fees in his case? I've no idea. He said financially he was OK in Thailand on his income. Using the gross rental income and his pension meant he was above the 65k minimum for his extension. BUT under the new rules he would be unable to transfer 65k every month to Thailand. I only got involved because his laptop had packed up and he needed to log on to his bank online to print off his statements, so asked if he could use mine to print everything off. That was last December when he needed to get an income letter for his April extension before the BE stopped issuing them. He told me afterwards that it could be his last extension because this mortgage payments meant he couldn't transfer 65k baht to Thailand every month and didn't have 800k to put in the bank. I was just a friendly ear to listen when he needed one. I think he's back in the UK at the moment trying to assess his options.
  10. What stream were you trying to watch? BT and Sky sports streams have always had 'freezing/buffering issues'. There are two other options on HD Prime that show all the EPL matches, they're better quality. more reliable and still have English commentary. If you select the sport schedule option the games being shown will all be listed and clicking on the match you want will (usually) take you directly to the 'True spots version' which rarely, if ever suffers from buffering. Alternatively, select the sport option to select all the available sports channels. The EPL matches are on the PREMIER FOOTBALL HD1-5 channels. All the EPL matches are also shown live on the SKYNET SPORTS channels. Again, better quality. more reliable and still have English commentary. Champions League/Europa matches are usually shown here as well if BT Sports is doing it's usual buffering antics.
  11. For a standard tourist visa? That, I would suggest is flexible to some extent, dependent on the individuals circumstances at the time but, in my opinion annually would be a reasonable and flexible starting point. That doesn't mean 90 days a year maximum though. You can stay a lot longer, even annually and more, IF YOU OBTAIN THE CORRECT VISA/EXTENSION.
  12. I am suggesting that you use your own countries guidelines as a rule of thumb. If I was a Thai national, how easy is it to get a tourist visa to visit your country for a holiday and how long would it be valid for?
  13. I would suggest you might start by asking yourself if your own countries Immigration rules would allow a foreigner to come and go in your country, without any queries or questions, in the exactly the same way that you seem you expect to come and go to Thailand, using the same basic tourist visa and visa exempt stamps, border hopping, etc. When that foreigner had reached the point where Immigration in your country start to become suspicious and asked probing questions, threatening denial of entry, etc I would suggest Thai Immigration are entitled to act in exactly the same manner. You should be looking at getting the correct type of visa for your needs (if available) if you want to stay longer. If there isn't a visa available to suit you I would suggest Thailand don't want you here for anything more than a standard (two week) holiday. It's their rules, their choice and their decision. Do you really think the US, UK, Australia, the EU, etc would allow foreigners to come and go in their countries with the same ease that their citizens continually come to and stay in Thailand??
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