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  1. New paperwork in CM for this year, full copy of passport. That's about 20 extra pages (x2) for me. Get a new passport to save a few pieces of paper What are the extra application pages? I've only ever had a two page TM 7 form, which I've always printed, front and back on a single sheet of paper. I've also saved the form in a folder so only have to change the date each year. Hardly a hassle.
  2. No problem . I live in Chonburi so drive to Tesco's car park (4hrs parking costs 100 baht) right next to the On Nut BTS train station (on the Sukumvit) then catch a train to Nana (37 baht each way) and walk the last 100 yards or so to the Trendy building. Coffee shop is inside the entrance to Trendy (there's also a coffee shop at Tesco, On Nut, if you're desperate .
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