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  1. Interesting, I know Kalasin a little bit. My English mate and his wife built a house there a year or two ago. When they went to register the house details at the Amphur he also asked about a YB and ID card. He actually phoned to tell me it was very easy and both YB and ID card were completed in less than a day. Don't know which Amphur they had to go to though. (In what I think is) a funny story about using a pink ID card in Kalasin, it started when my brother in law married his girlfriend at her village a few years ago in Kalasin and we went to the wedding. The day after the wedding, along with a few of my wife's family, we decided to visit a Dinosaur museum park that was not too far away. When we went to pay the entrance fee I automatically asked to use my ID card (Thai price). The young girl there wasn't sure so she called her supervisor over. He smiled and, in reasonable English, said yes, of course I can. Then, noticing some of our party were of an older generation he said (in Thai) are any of you over sixty, entrance is free if you are? None of them were but I gingerly put my hand up and, in my broken Thai said 'I am, do I count?' Through fits of laughter the supervisor because you have your ID card and I can see how old you are you can go in for free.....but your family have to pay. Sorry to digress but I was just pointing out that they do recognise and accept a pink ID card in Kalasin, they're not difficult to obtain and their use even causes amusement at times. Pink is the only colour I'm afraid...........but if pink was good enough for the last king, it's good enough for me.
  2. If you've never 'tried' the pink ID card you've never tried opening a bank account or renewed a Thai DL using just a YB and ID card together have you!!! You say Immigration won't accept your YB yet go on to say "I don't remember having to prove my address when extending marriage visa (extension of stay)". Have you actually presented your YB to Immigration as part of an application?? Immigration in Si Racha certainly accepted my YB when I presented it as part of my Marriage Extension just two months ago. Immigration now appear to be supplying a standard list of 'required documents' for both retirement and marriage extensions, although that list is still open to interpretation by individual IO's. But I haven't heard of YB's being refused as proof of address. What Immigration Office do you use?? You appear to be slagging off a process you haven't been using (properly).
  3. Right at the start I said you could do everything without needing a YB or ID card, they're not vital but I stand by what I said, using them is much more CONVENIENT. I link the two documents together because, like Thai Nationals and the Thai system, depending on what you're actually doing, you sometimes have to supply both. So the ID card is not a separate issue.
  4. Have you actually got a YB and pink ID card?? I've been coming here through work for 26 years and have lived here since I took early retirement in the UK for 16 years and, even though things were generally easier in the early days, unlike your apparent experiences I found it much quicker and more convenient once I had my YB and ID card.
  5. You can, but you must register the YB/ID card in you bank account along with your PP. Yes you can, but its your ID card that replaces your passport, not your YB. Your YB replaces your residency certificate. If you present both your YB and ID card your new passport ID number will be changed to your Thai ID number. If you only present one they will also want to see your PP to confirm your PP number. Yes, as I said and, being in the same data field that the information for a Thai person is entered, it's much more CONVENIENT .
  6. I can only comment on when I've been successful. Immigration have never refused my Yellow Book when I've offered it as proof of address (when doing extensions every year for example). None of my friends possessing yellow books have been refused either. As for banks. I've opened accounts at Krung Thai, Thanachart and Bangkok Bank, all using my yellow book and pink ID card. (although Bangkok bank was more complex). Haven't tried at other banks so haven't been refused anywhere else. As for Airlines, to use your pink ID card, your ticket must be booked in exactly the same name as written on your ID card. Refusals can occur, for example, because tickets are booked in English name but the ID card only has the name written in Thai. If you want to use your ID card you must book the ticket with your name written in Thai. One thing to remember is that, in using the Yellow book and ID card we are imitating the system that Thai Nationals use. If a Thai uses their blue book, that's what we should do, likewise, if they need to show their ID card we should do the same and, if they need to supply both, so must we. One of the biggest complaints by expats is refusal and that occurs because they try to use the YB for ID when it only proves address, plus, although to ID card contains the address on the card it is purely for Identity and, on it's own cannot prove address.
  7. I've just come across a list of uses for a YB/ID card that I sent to somebody a year or so ago on this forum. These are just times when I had used them in the previous year-eighteen months. Of course you can do all of these without having a YB/ID card but having them makes things much easier and more convenient: Open a bank account Replace stolen bank cards Buy a car/motorcycle Buy a mobile phone Buy a sim card/mobile package Obtain/update a home/office internet connection Renew a Thai driving licence Domestic flight ticket Register at a hospital Register at the tax office Thai prices at various parks etc Sending/collecting mail/parcels via the post office Book into hotels Proof of residence when renewing my annual extensions Anywhere an ID is used as a deposit In fact anywhere proof of ID and/or proof of address is needed.
  8. Individual advantages have been highlighted on various threads on this forum many times. To group every advantage together, it's easier to use a YB and ID card than not have one. It's called CONVENIENCE.
  9. At present your passport number will be used as your ID number on your DL. When you renew it, if you present just your yellow book and ID card (as Thai Nationals do), instead of your passport and residency certificate from immigration, your passport number will be replaced by your Thai ID number on the new DL. I used just my yellow book and ID card when opening a bank account at Krung Thai and Thanachart Banks. A bit more complex at Bangkok Bank. They will accept the yellow book and ID as proof of address and ID but they also ask for a reference letter from your Embassy and your Embassy will only ID you from your passport so will put your passport number in that letter. The Bangkok bank will then need to see your passport as well when opening the account.
  10. Of course you can get by without a yellow book/ID card even for 17 years. You can get all the documents together every time for 'normal business, banking, visa, drivers lic etc'........but getting a yellow book/ID card means CONVENIENCE. Compliance in providing the correct documents to get your yellow book is a 'one off' and is not that much more complex than doing your annual extension/driving licence, etc, and after that everything is so much simpler when using your the yellow book/ID card for all your future applications...........even if you stay for another 17 years. Is it vital you have a yellow book/ID card ...........NO Is it quicker, easier and much more convenient to use a yellow book/ID card every time ...........MOST DEFINITELY.
  11. Yes, as I understand it, if somebody else was infected, was tested positive then had that positive test recorded on the app on there own phone, anybody else also has the app on their phone AND is within range of being possibly infected should get a warning. If you haven't received a warning you haven't been in contact with an infected person yet........probably because any newly positive tested people would still be in quarantine so wouldn't be in range of you (or anybody else) anyway. A limitation to this app being effective is when an infected person's app still shows them as being 'active' although that person has recovered and is no longer able to pass the virus to a third party. Unless their apps are correctly updated, I can see a lot of people's apps still sending out warnings long after they cease to to be infectious.
  12. Am I missing something? If somebody used the app prior to testing positive there wouldn't be any record of that person being infected would there. You have to be tested positive first for it to be recorded on the app.
  13. Transferwise use three different Thai banks as their partner banks, Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank and TMB. You have the option of using any one of them. Don't know who told you you must use Kasikorn but it's simply not true. As long as you have an account at any one of those banks and you register that account as your preferred account and select the 'funds for long term stay in Thailand' as your reason for the transfer, you can transfer directly to that account, and the coding will always show up as an International Transfer. There is no need to obtain a credit advice receipt when it's shown as an International transfer. They are only necessary if you have chosen a different Thai Bank to one of those three. If, for example, you used Krung Thai as your preferred bank, Transferwise will still send it to Krung Thai ......BUT it will go via one of their partner banks first then, immediately, on to Krung Thai. But because the final leg of the transfer is then between two Thai banks the coding will show as a domestic transfer even though it's still been sent from overseas. You would then need a credit advice receipt to prove the transfer. I think most people tend to use Bangkok bank because that seems to be the most popular but open/have an account at any one of their partner banks, register it as your preferred bank with TW, ensure you select that same account with every transfer you do and you'll have no problems. If you initiate a transfer before 9:00am Thai time (Mon to Fri) it should arrive in your Thai account the same day. If you initiate it after 9:00am it should arrive on the Thai bank's next working day. One other slight anomaly, if you use Bangkok bank your account will be credited at 2:00pm on the day they receive the transfer regardless of the time they receive it, if you use Kasikorn however your account will be credited the moment they receive the transfer regardless of the time. Don't know about TMB.
  14. Do they guarantee the exchange rate when you initiate the transfer (like Transferwise) or are you at the mercy of the current exchange rate when your transfer arrives in your Thai bank account?
  15. Or, if you don't want to use the app, take your own pen and wear a pair of gloves when signing.
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