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  1. In my opinion the QR Code procedure is easy and painless. Provide free WiFi at the entry points and put 3-4 people there to assist the old farts that are not able to connect to a free wifi - problem solved. But about the whole Covid 19 super dangerous do you know how many people died in 2017 of Influenza in Thailand ? https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/thailand-influenza-pneumonia WHO Data. Covid death in Italy now about 32,xxx in 2020 (died with Covid not because of Covid), In 2017 more then 60,000 died of Influenza and Pneumonia in Thailand. Why no panic in 2017? Just a simple question... Of course Thailand makes up the rules and everybody has to follow those rules. But I mean do Thai people also asks those questions ? Why is it OK to stand ass to ass in a BTS or MRT but it is not ok to sit 2 metres apart on a beach ? OK, not dangerous: Way too dangerous: This makes sense to you K. Yinn ?
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