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  1. So you are making it. Well done. I am on day 4. A little boredom starting to set in but manageable for now. Weekend might be a little tough when I've no work to occupy myself. When you land there are some musical chairs to be done at the airport - you shuffle between numerous chairs and queues. Just have your paperwork all ready when you land - you'll need it fairly quickly. The entire process moves pretty quick. You'll likely be out of the airport within 30 minutes.
  2. CHAIMANAKARN Rattapol <[email protected]> Resort Bdms Reservation <[email protected]> Resort Bdms Sales <[email protected]> If you are considering staying here they are quite friendly and very responsive. They all speak good English as well.
  3. £2,500 return from London to Bangkok in business class? Doubt that.
  4. Not sure. I can tell you that the Movenpick, where I am staying, is very responsive to emails. I booked that way.
  5. No - there is no link between availability shown online and ASQ availability. The online availability is from the hotel booking systems which are still taking bookings when they should not. ASQ availability is another thing. You need to contact the ASQ hotels you might be interested in and check availability and book direct.
  6. You can't use booking.com. This is booking hotels on the assumption that there will no longer be quarantine. That is a lost hope though. You need to book directly with the hotel. Contact them direct.
  7. My COVID test was accepted. My GP did the swab test, sent it off to pathology, got the results and wrote up a covid negative certificate.
  8. No idea on this - have not asked my hotel as I'm hoping it hopefully won't happen.
  9. Depends on the hotel. Different hotels, different policies. At the Movenpick I am allowed to use the balcony.
  10. I would advise you to think very carefully before leaving. While some of the posters have gone a bit over the top complaining about the process - it is not that difficult and it can be done, it is still a nuisance, no doubt about it. The most difficult thing is getting the Thai embassy to prioritise you. If you have voluntarily left, you might not be high on their list. There will be other categories who will possibly be given higher priority. I also would not count on the situation returning to normal. If you've got to go, you've got to go, but it would take something extremely dramatic (such as my mother dying) to get me out of the country now, until this is all over. I'd also say that while it is not too painful, the covid tests you have to do are extremely uncomfortable, and I'd not volunteer for them unless I absolutely had to. Finally, perhaps most importantly, keep in mind that if you get covid while outside of Thailand, you will be denied entry to get back in.
  11. If you tell the hotel ahead of time of dietary requirements, they might be able to accommodate. They are very responsive. If any hotel can accommodate, it is probably this one or the Anatara - but the Anatara is double the price. I am not judging your eating choices, but what I'd say to you is that you need to decide your priorities. If you really want to get back to Thailand, you need to do what you need to do. What food you eat will hardly matter in the end, once you are out and living where you want to live. There are many complaints about ASQ - about the prices, the food, the lack of exercise, but it is a means to an end and these are all first world problems. There are worst fates than 2 weeks in a comfortable room with food delivered 3 times a day and daily walks. No one is shackled to any bed here.
  12. Photos of menus are attached - you choose from 2 choices each meal and the meals alternate every week. You can also order extra food from the extra room service menu. Menus might be subject to change but gives you an idea. Some of the food is pretty tasty. No complaints from me. Fruit comes with most meals. Veg comes with dinner generally. Fresh food from outside the hotel is indeed not allowed - no fruit or veg. Also no dairy (yoghurts etc) and no food from restaurants (via Grab etc). What they do allow you to order from outside the hotel is snack type food - crisps, biscuits, chocolate, etc. This you can order through Grab. The food is really quite nice and I ordered some extra bits and pieces from Tops through Grab and it got to my room all ok. You won't go hungry. The question is whether you will find the food nutritious or not. I've found at the Movenpick that the meals are quite well balanced.
  13. I am at the Movenpick. No gym. However you can take a daily walk from day 2 (post your day 1 covid test) for 45 minutes. You can't jog but the walk can be quite brisk. It is a decent sized garden so you can do a good circuit. The room is also big enough for body weight exercises in the room. Movenpick rooms have balconies, which is why I chose it. Between the garden and balcony it is very ok. Hotel cancellation policies depend on each hotel. For the Movenpick you can cancel if there is any problem getting the COE/visa etc. The airline won't cancel, as another post pointed out - these flights are guaranteed as they are effectively chartered by the embassy.
  14. The day 1 test result came through very early on day 2 - again it might depend on the hotel but hopefully your day 14 test result will come through quite early so you have the day to plan your departure from BKK on day 15. Or you risk it and hope you are negative and book a flight anyway in advance. But I seriously doubt flights will be full at the moment.
  15. Think it depends on the hotel. I am at the Movenpick and I had to take a COVID test on day 1 (the day of landing in BKK being day 0), and then they let me out into the garden to wag my tail from day 2, once a day for 45 minutes. I choose the slot the day before each day. My final COVID test will be on day 13, with the results on day 14. I get let out to run around BKK on day 15. Short answer to your question is you only really get confirmation that you are negative on the final day, and you leave the next after one final sleep. Whether you can book in advance depends on how sure you are that you'll be COVID negative. You could book 24 hours in advance after getting your final negative test.
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