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  1. E-mailing 40 hotels seems a tad excessive. But actually the Thai govt should design a booking.com type reservation system for ASQ. It is becoming such a big thing - seems some IT spend to build a booking platform would be a good thing
  2. Nope - it is 15 nights - 14 full days. You can leave from 7am after night 15.
  3. I always stand up to them if they give me any hassle. Never an issue. They back down. If you're here legally there is nothing to worry about.
  4. It is not. Other countries have forced people out as well. Australia as an example. This has been answered before many times on these forums. That aside, what does it matter? It is what it is, and is not going to change. Life goes on. Those who are unfortunate enough to be here still with no extension and no letter now have a real problem. It is all very unfortunate and could have been avoided if they'd been consistently told that they needed to make plans to leave.
  5. I think the fact that the amnesty has not been extended shows you that there is not going to be any reprieve, and it is highly irresponsible and reckless for anyone to post on these forums hoping for one or speculating that there will be one. The situation is what it is, right or wrong, agree or disagree, and this situation was predicted by many, however also ignored by many. This is a real shame. Those who have not found a long term solution however have managed to secure 30 days with the letters would be wise not to gamble on any further grace periods, extensions or extra 30 days, and make plans to leave. Those who gambled on an extension and did not secure the 30 days now have real problems, partially thanks to the reckless speculation of an extension on these forums. It has been very disappointing to see those on these forums who have endlessly been speculating about a further amnesty, encouraging others to wait it out, leaving many now in trouble.
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