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  1. Ok so just a matter of checking the URL regularly? Guess I can use the Thai form as well if I can work out all the fields?
  2. Ok so that implies previous tax records are scanned or similar. I am not in Thailand at the moment - if I were to come back, for example, to Phuket, I should be able to do this there? Understood on the language. How about form 91 for 2019 - any idea when it will be available in English? Or any link I can find with the form in Thai?
  3. Ok so should not have to be the same office where I lodged? They scan it all on I guess so can print it from anywhere?
  4. Omitting not committing obviously. Type happen. Sure you make them.
  5. Thank you. Do you whether I can lodge it at any office, or whether it needs to be the same office I lodged the original return? and I also need to know how long it will take to get it? Will it be immediate?
  6. Apologies my question was committing a word. I meant to type "change fee". I worked it out after posting this and so did not check back in on the topic.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know whether the 2019 Thai tax year form is available in English and where? I can't see it on their web site. Another question - if I want to request a copy of a previous year's tax return, how do I do that? Is there a form? How long does it take and do I need to do it at the same tax office I lodged it? Thank you
  8. Does anyone know the THB AirAsia fee for international flights leaving from DM? I've tried to find it on their web site however the page doesn't work properly.
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