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  1. A ladyboy is a girl born in the body of a boy then all his\her life he\she tries to tune his\her body to his'her mind the most easy way is the hairstyle. the makeup and the clothes. The others steps, more expensive, are the breast implants and finally the cut of the penis, which is used to create a fake vagina. Takiing hormones is often associated with the whole process.
  2. Hello Yinn i am fine thank you and i hope you too yes i date like a crazy, it was never as good as now in Pattaya, a lot of girls and ladyboys and very few customers so the best choice and the best prices, all is good
  3. Ok for the big party but i want yours photos first before the meeting for sex i don't take the risk to be surrounded by some freaking ugly ones
  4. In fact there is much less funerals since the begining of the covid crisis because with the ban on alcool sale and the curfew, there is less deaths on the roads we can say that the virus ''save'' around 50 persons everyday in Thailand
  5. sorry you misunderstand my post (And i probably bad writen it as i struggle sometimes with english language) in my post i want mean beer bar tenants, which pay a rent every month, don't have infinite fund, most of the beer bars are small bisness with few or no benefices so they don't have a big reserve of money somewhere to use during a long crisis. So i mean they can not afford to pay a rent if they can't open their business during months
  6. Very few of the Thai hookers are very strict about the condom the usual thinking for the girl here with the customer is ''up to you'' and if you want to protect you, it's better to have your own condoms most of the girls don't have any in their bag. For some reasons, compared to europe, condoms are pretty expensive in Thailand
  7. Not really need to wait they are all available already on Tinder and Thaifriendly these sites are a real gold mine
  8. I know this very well but it was before the Corana crisis now with the ''new normal'' (I hate this word) who knows?
  9. more probably after ''songkran'' with the actual ban on alcool, i don't see this goverment suddenly open all the bars just before a big drinking national orgy. It doesn't make sense. but TIT so all is possible
  10. How many British landlords owning a land with a building on it used to be a beer bar do you know in Pattaya? I just try to not go off topic, that's why i was talking about the greedy Thai landlords, specifically the Pattaya ones as is the subject here
  11. You have probably missread my initial post about the owners refusing to postpone or reduce the rents. I was of course refering to the owners of the land or of the building who are in fact welthy families or big corporations. More than 50% of them have refused to even discuss the terms of the rent and the Pattaya mayor has been forced to put in place a comitee to try to convince them to be more ''soft'' in these hard times. It was in the local news last month. i am sorry english isn't my first language and it was probably bad explained by myself in my first post
  12. they were probably diying of boredom in the village. At the moment nobody know the date for the reopen. All is rumors but if i remember well the prime minsister has already declared that he wants open the schools first. As long as he is the one who decides unfortunately nothing before july and with the ''songhkran holiday'' in the first week of july, the reopen of the schools should be mid july, then the bars in the end of july imo Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst
  13. I have no idea how much ''fund reserve'' they still have but they probably not last long if the reopen isn't coming soon
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