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  1. You are welcome as i said the terracotta tiles are heavier so this requires a reinforced framing i build 2 houses in Thailand, one with fibrocement tiles and one with terracota, the first one was an oven inside the second was ok, even without aircon. plus i had to replace most of the fibrocement tiles after the first violent storm so at the end of the day the cost was the same if i had to build a 3 third house i will go for terracota without any hesitation And yeah for the ''standart practice'' you need to oversee absolu
  2. My advice if you haven't started to build yet go for terracota tiles Fibercement is cheaper and lighter however the tiles are more fragile and need to be replaced after a while.. The heat insulation is pretty bad too. For your calculation it seems the builder or the shop have planned very large it could be also a mistake. Ask to the shop if you can return the tiles you don't use at the end of the build, Most of the shops are ok with that. (It could be also someone around you ermm errmm wanting to have a new roof for free thinking you will not notice
  3. And a ''sorry sir'' it's better than nothing i hope he is ''clear'' with his visa situation i wouldn't be surprised if now the immigration has a look at him The other concern is he was leaving a disco or a bar at 2 am on WS when the closing legal hour for all the venues was supposed to be 11 pm (Midnight since yesterday) nothing new here but now the ''public'' attention (Including the ''boss'' in Bangkok) has been driven on it
  4. The total story is here https://thepattayanews.com/2021/02/25/update-taxi-motorbike-driver-facing-assault-charges-says-he-attacked-chilean-man-because-he-was-annoying/ The young chilian was a drunk imbecil unfortunately his way crossed a violent thug working as a motosai My advices for both of them 1\ the young chilian should stop to being drunk particularly when he is in a foreign country and he is not able to talk the language or at least some english 2\ the motosai should find another job, if possible not in contact w
  5. Hi first let me correct you, it's not ''we have land'' it's ''my wife\gf has land'' i presume you are not thai so you can not own land in Thailand then you are going to build a house with your money on her land My advice it's don't do it, or at least rent first for some months\years in this specific place before to take a decision About the ''good connections in the local building department'' if it's your wife\gf family or friends you are probably going straight for a good ride I dont develop here but if you bother to do some researchs (You probably
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