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  1. I have no idea who is the owner you can not park your car just in front of the building but there is a free parking not far, ride 50 meters from soi bukkaho with the building on your left hand and the market on your right hand, the parking is here
  2. And they probably fill my spam box i like to keep my box clean, so the best way is tring to stop them to come inside. I don't even understand why you don't have the option in your profile settings ''do you want to receive the newsletter in your email " Yes\No
  3. As i said i don't read them i am just anonying by them so i never seen this unsuscribe option at the end of the e mail wich imo should be in the setting options in your profile when you suscribe to the forum but hey i suppose asking first to someone what he wants or he doesn't want isn't in the ''internet culture'', you are probably right about it, i am a little bit too ''old school'' to be used to this agressive way of acting thank you anyway for the tip
  4. You are right however it should be logical for the Zimbabwe buyer to be in Zimbabwe not in Australia, and the rice should be delivered in Zimbabwe, not in Mozambique it doesn't make any sense
  5. I presume this part is reserved for the private message as soon as she has someone interested in the ''deal''
  6. All the fishermen try to improve their bait if the catches are rare i mean if you work in the export\import, aren't you supposed to have some basics knowledge of how it works, from a school or from another person with who you have worked ? How can you reach this decision level (And the budget going with it) without any knowledge at all in the matter? Just out of curiousity
  7. Meanwhile, the sad reality... https://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-bali-hai-upgrades-falling-apart-due-to-no-maintenance-329261
  8. Hi the newsletter from Thai visa forum flood my email box on a regular basis, i don't read them and it's just a pain to find my few real messages among all these newsletters plus i have to delete them one by one to clear my box i have tried to stop unmarking all the cases on my settings on the forum, but the emails still arrive in my box i also see very well the green ''suscribe to newsletter'' on the front page under my username but i don't see anywhere ''unsuscribe to newsletter'' how can i stop it please? than
  9. Hi at the place of the old Tony gym on soi bukkaho (Near the market) a new gym has just opened few days ago
  10. Sun Fitness in soi bukkaho (Near the market at the place of the old Tony gym on all the first floor of the building) Good price (900'bahts\month it's the normal price, not a promotion no double tarif, Thais and foreigners pay the same) the equipment seems to be decent. They have at least 2 big aircons and a lot of ceiling fans I precise i have no any interest in this gym. i post it only for information feel free to make your own opinion by yourself if you are interested (Only 120 bahts if you want to give it a try) thank you in advanc
  11. Fantastic news i predict a lot of wais and a bonuses distribution all around TIT
  12. I am sorry but i don't feel a lot of sympathy for this Mr ''R'' he sounds a little bit too selfish from my point of view and i personaly find his decision to abandon her poor old mom alone and sick pretty questionable to say the least i hope he will survive to the financial cost and stress of his return to his ''family''
  13. I don't live in the airport so i can not confirm myself however at the page 9 of this topic, the post number 132 give a tweet with the video of the arrival
  14. The six airports run by the AoT are Chiang mai, Don Muang, Phuket, Hat Yai, Suvarnahbumi and Chiang Rai The official name of the Chiang Rai airport is Mae Fah Luang. Not a big deal but in a supposed journalistic article it's still better to avoid such basic error
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