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  1. Do you have a link showing one of them being caught thanks to the 90 days report ? I have never seen one news about it in all my life, hence my post. I can not give you a link of something which does not exists. But you are free to prove me i am wrong
  2. The funny thing being that none of these criminals have been detected thanks to the totally useless 90 days reporting
  3. Well looking at the results of the vote and at a lot of the answer on this topic, it seems that a massive number of the forum members didn't understand at all that was the question here. Maybe the OP wasn't clear enough in the writing of the question? The question wasn't imo to know if it takes you only 3 minutes to do it so it isn't an hassle at all The question was about the principle, aka are you happy to be controled every 3 months by immigration without any good reason when you have ALREADY A 1 YEAR VALID visa or extension of stay? (And already a lot of loops
  4. I am sorry but you lost me here i am not from UK nor from USA i get it that the illegals are a problem in most of the countries (Including in Thailand, a problem brought to light by the covid peak in Bangkok due to the thousands of illegals workers from Myanmar ) but honestly i don't see at all the link between this problem and the fact to force someone with a valid visa to do ever 90 days a reporting to his immigration office
  5. Looking at the vote results, it seems 25 to 30% are happy to have it yes i know, it's really unbelievable
  6. Roger i am sorry but for now all the gyms are closed because of the last order of chonburi province governor due to the rise of covid infections in the area. I agree the Pattaya pavements are awful, maybe you could try the walk along the sea side on Pattaya beach, there are few holes and drops but it's not so bad plus if unfortunately you fall, at least there will be always someone to get you up
  7. lol yes of course let me guess it's all the drama of your life nobody understands you Just in case you didn't see it i quote here my question from my last sunday post i have even underlined it to be sure you haven't missed it again ''I don't know what you plan to do, but concerning myself i can not change something i have no any action on it, i have no any rights in this country and i can stay here only as long as i comply with the requirments. If in the future i can not deal anymore with the air pollution i will probably leave for a
  8. Farm life in Issan for someone over 70 yo can be indeed something great however the main concern at this age could be where is the nearest hospital ? And how long it takes for you to reach this hospital if you have an heart attack or a problem like that in the middle of the night? Of course i wish you the best with your health, but imo you can not avoid to ask to yourself this important question
  9. Answering to a question with another question is never a good sign usualy you lost a lot of credibilitiy doing that i still don't really know what is your goal or your plan you never answered to this important question too that i asked to you last sunday
  10. It's clearly a lockdown on the business all the entertainement venues (Bars, discos, karaoke, massages) are closed fortunately the individuals are still free to skanking around, for now....
  11. There is a delay because Thailand has planned to produce AZ vaccine with SiamBioscience (The first vaccines doses are supposed to go out of the factory next month) so they don't want just now a competitor cutting their grass under their foot if you see what i mean It's for economical reasons but above all for political reasons, of course if you know who is the owner of Siam Bioscience you know already i can not develop this subject further
  12. i just try to adapt to the situation, like most of the Thais do
  13. aha yes of course even here in Pattaya i can assure you first hand (No pun intented) you can find what you want, on line of not, Of course all the venues are officially closed, however a lot of the girls live in the rooms above the bar or in the massage shop so you just have to stay in front of the door and few minutes later someone invite you to come inside (Again no pun intented ahaha)
  14. thank you for your answer and no, don't delete your post these informations could be usefull for someone (Even if now with the last ''lockdow'' that is not a lockdow but is something similar to a lockdown there is near to nothing remainaing of what was the night life )
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