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  1. The ''traditionnal'' Pattaya as the majority of us have know is quiet since 1 year with only a small increase in last december and january. The ''new'' Pattaya is pretty busy, with indians walking everywhere in the middle of the streets and obviously buying/eating drinking nothing except some girls on beach road and in massage parlor for the most fortunate and a bunch of chineses walking up and down WS like herds of buffalo doing the street traffic and air pollution a nightmare with all their buses and they are only a bargain for some hotels and sea food restaurants (Like those moored off the Bali pier dock) let's see what the next ''high season'' is going to be but i am pretty sure some more papers ''for rent\for sale'' are coming soon
  2. Indeed and this s...t happens to me on a daily basis on Pattaya beach ,also with the group of indians they seems like attracted by an european guy quietly looking at the sea and take a lot of photos around with me in the background, i hope is not for future scams on internet! I don't get it, the beach is now so big and empty, and this guys just beside me. <deleted>????
  3. indeed the flux of money seems to work only in a one way here the landlord try always to charge you with something and do not give the deposit back or a part of it. The best thing IMHO is aceept only 1 month deposit and do not pay the last month of rental so when you give them the key back the last day of the last month they can try to rip off you but at least you are free to agree or not.
  4. Despite the fact of the chinese government is triyng hard to keep feeding the tax system (As every government in the world do) he should probably not be able to stop the ''black money'' flood outside of the country, it was the meaning of the ''chineses'' i was talking about in my post, not the officials but the one with the pockets full of money to ''wash and clean'' , they now buy already a big part of the condominiums in Pattaya (With some thais and indians for the same obvious reasons) but it's not probably enough for them.
  5. Yes Pattaya is currently empty of white tourists, and half full of indians\chineses and others nationalities so the ''traditionnal'' business farang oriented (Bars\restaurants\beach and street vendors...) is dying quickly. What will be the future of the city? Nobody knows i think but for sure it is never going to become a family resort, very dirty sea water, ugly city buildings with no walkway, crazy traffic, pollution and garbage everywhere with the smell of sewer all over the town are a no way for most of the ''quality tourists''. Somewhere it could be someone with a ''plan B'' when all the actual business will really be at the bottom of the hole it should be the good time to introduce the ''rescue solution'' of Pattaya as a special zone in Thailand where Casino are allowed, and the chineses are probably already working hard for that option.... Wait and see!
  6. Mine is on the previous page (Post 39) i am on 1 year extension of stay based on retirement at immigration office in Jomtiem the room on the left (For all the residence stuff) was full of people most of them here for the TM30 problem (Half thais and half farangs) and the immigration officer explained at each of them that it was a new policy here to ask to fill the TM30. It was the 17 august last month
  7. Between 1 and 2 millions bths seems to be a good option for me. And at least in case of something go wrong with your health, you can use it as you want and decide what to do, you do not have to fight and argue with a greedy private insurance which have an exact opposite interest to your in this case. Private hospital like Bangkok hospital is the most costly choice if you can go to public hopitals they are much affordable and some are excellents like the queen Sirikit hospital in Sattahip
  8. If we consider than most of the house are build in the thai girlfriend\wife\partner original area (Aka a small village in Issan) it could be a form of pressure indeed
  9. It has been also my experience at Jomtiem immigration. i am on 1 year extension of stay based on retirement and i have had to do 2 trips in europe, one in may and when i return immigration desk for asking about the process they say if you do not change your usual adress no need to do anything, but the last trip was in august and when i return to immigration office 2 days after my return they say to me you need to fill a TM30. I did it then i ask to the Immigration officer if i have to do it when i return from a trip in thailand (I was traveling in Phuket for some days) and she clearly says to me i need to do a TM30 only if i go out of Thailand and return, no need if i stay inside Thailand (Of course as long as i do not change my usual adress in Pattaya)
  10. My experience with 3BB in Pattaya was a disaster i have unfortunely paid 7000 bahts for a one year contract (Called a promotion) but my connexion was so bad (Sometimes not internet at all during 2\3 days) instable and slow most of the time i was forced to call them on monthly basis. Of course their answers, with the hot line and the technicians, was stupid and inacurate, a lot of lies too then i was hoping the end of the nightmare and counting the days. At the term of the 12 months i was hoping a resiliation but no way to do it if i do not give them my passeport, i have refused because at this stade i have 0trust in them and i do not want to be stuck again in a new contract for 1 year being issued using my passeport but without my agreement and they wanted also the return of the router, all this have finished by a sort of ''you can go f,,, y... style'' and after some phone calls trying to asking more payments they have now definitively close my case (I hope) i am now returned with TOT, very smiling and friendly staff, half price (3500 year) the connexion was quickly innstalled and my internet is good, quick and stable, i am very happy with them
  11. rent is definitively a better and less expensive option you can move quickly if something is wrong around anyway you can not own land in thailand sure you can buy or built a house for your wife or girlfriend but it'll never be ''your'' house and you could be stuck here or be kick out depends on how the relationship turn in the future
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